How to Create a Blog for Free on Blogspot

Creating a free blog is very easy and simple using blogging platforms, which can be done within few minutes!

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Every day, thousands of people are starting their own new blogs with the niche they're expert at, even some of them are taking blogging as a profession. After all, they're all getting paid by Adsense. But if you are thinking to start a blog to earn tons of money, then you're not probably going to get there.

Blogging is all about passion and hard-work, if you're expert at any topic or niche, blogging might be a right choice for you! But, you must be a passionate hard-worker, or else you're not going to climb until the end to grab the rewards for all your efforts!

Once, you establish your blog with minimum subscribers, you are allowed to turn your blog into a money-making machine using Google Adsense advertising program.

Why Choose Blogspot Platform?

Nowadays, many blogging platforms offer users the ability to create free blogs, some of them are, and But if you are seeking to create a simple free blog without investment, my suggestion would be to start blogging with Blogspot (Blogger) platform.

The popular Blogger is powered by Google Inc. Thus, it's easier to use and best for newbie bloggers. Once you have some blogging experience, you can migrate your blog to WordPress Self-hosted platform and become more professional with it.

So, this article is dedicated to the “beginners” who are new to blogging and would like to get started by learning the basics involved in the process.

Before I begin the tutorial, there are a couple of things you must know!

Blogger (Blogspot) was developed by Pyra Labs, which was hired by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs on blogger are hosted by Google at a subdomain of "". Blogs can also be hosted in the registered custom domain of the blogger (like According to blogger, a user can have up to 100 blogs per Gmail account.

It offers you an opportunity to start a blog, but all your images will be hosted by Picasa (also part of a google).

How to select Niche of your new blog?

Make a list of your interests or hobbies.

Which topics fascinate you?

List them all, for instance: Editing, exercise, playing games, cooking, consulting, sports, etc. Next, list accomplishments you are proud of, such as musical talent, artistic talent or sports achievements.

Now, list difficulties you have overcome or defeated, such as: losing a significant amount of weight, invented a special meal or managing a disease.

During the course of this exercise, you will get a better feeling for the topics that resonate with you. The ones that you are most passionate about are the best candidates for your niche.

Select niche for new blogs beginners
Like this infographic? Get it free on your blog by providing a credit link.

Creating a Free Blog on Blogspot Platform

To create your first blog, you need to head over to blogger website. Once you get there, you need to sign up using your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can always create one for free using your phone number.

While creating your blog, for a first time user, you will see an option to use the identity from your Google Plus profile, or you can use your limited BlogSpot profile. Remember, you can always change author profile for your blog.

Now, once you are logged in, click on “new blog” and perform the below steps.

Note: Millions of people have already taken URL address for their blogs, so during the search process you might not get your desired address(). So, to solve this problem, choose 4-5 web addresses for the blog so that you can get the most relevant address for your new site.

Creating a Free Blog on Blogger
1. The first thing you need to do is open on your pc, laptop or mobile and type Then, click on the first link of official blogger site to sign in with your Gmail account.

Create Free blog Step By Step

2. After clicking on the blogger site you will be redirected to a new tab. Click on "Create Your Blog".

How to Create Free blog Step By Step

3. Now, your 3rd step is to sign in on google with your present Gmail address. But if you don't have a Gmail address, create a new one below the box.

Create Free blog

4. Now you are successfully signed in to Now its time for you to click on "New Blog" to create your first free blog.

How to Create Free blog

5. Now, you are one step away from creating your first free blog. Now you have to select a title for your blog, don't worry you can pick any title you want because later on, you can change it whenever you want.  Now the main part is to select the address for your blog, so choose something new and unique because once you select the address you cannot change it. It will be the permanent address for your blogging site.

How to Create Free blog Step By Step

6. Finally, your blog is created. So, now you need to understand how to write a post or how to change your layout. That's why I had posted a screenshot given below. Remember, once you have a few blog posts up and running, you can go to “Earnings” and apply to AdSense from your blog, this will allow you to earn money from your free BlogSpot blog.

How to Create Free blog Step By Step

7. So your blog is almost ready and you can start writing posts. Remember you can always customize your blog templates whenever you want.

Create Free blog Step By Step

Very easy right! But still something is missing, isn't it? Now your next goal would be to add "widgets or plugins" on your blog.

Now, what is a widget?

"Widget is a sidebar box used to modify the design and content of the blogs using a simple drag-and-drop system without changing template's HTML or CSS codes". In short, Blogger widget contains Javascript codes to show related posts, popular posts, subscription form or sign up form, contact us form and many more! Read below guide to know more about widgets.

In order to add widgets to your blog, go to Layout > Sidebar and click on "add a widget" & select the widget you want to show to your readers.
Now, you might consider changing your blogger template first, right?

Read my another article that I've created all about changing Blogspot templates.
Start a Free Blog on Blogspot Platform
Watch "How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot Platform" video tutorial that I've created to help you to understand more easily!

Now finally, you've got your first own blog on the most popular blogging platform.

I hope, now you've successfully created your first new blog, now your next goal would be to optimize your blog for SEO and consider using the mobile-friendly template to provide a great user experience for your visitor.

At last, let me know about your new blog in the comment below. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to ask. If you like this post, don’t forget to like and share it on Facebook, Twitter & subscribe to our newsletter to keep receiving updates.

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