5 Best Video Editing Softwares for YouTube Beginners

Becoming YouTube partner is not an easy task, it takes hard work. And also you must have passion for it.
Best video editing software youtube
To become a popular YouTuber you must have great editing skills along with a great video editing tool. In the Web, you will find various categories of editing tools, but the problem is they aren't free. 

You need to purchase the premium products before you use it. But don't worry folks, I'm here to help you. 

So, today in this post I will show you best Beginner video editing software used by YouTube video creators.

Here are the best 5  PC video editing tools for beginners

1. Wondershare Filmora
Filmora makes detailed video editing very simple. 

Why Filmora?  
Filmora makes detailed video editing simple. It's More detailed tutorials, modern video effects, and a community of video creators - Filmora has all the resources you need to make amazing videos.

The best programs for different systems. 
Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Linux.

"Join over 5,000,000 users who have already created outstanding videos using Filmora!"

Join FilmoraEditing Tools 
Trim/Split: Easily trim from the beginning or end of your clip.  

Ratio/Crop: Easily adjust your aspect ratio to 16:9 or 1:1. 

Speed Control: Play your clips in slow motion, or up to four times faster for timelapses. 

Reverse: Flip your clips and play them backwards. 

Voice Over: Import your own voice over or other audio track. 

Audio Mixer: Set your clip's audio and music at different levels.

PIP: Add a second clip overtop of your main clip.

You can check genuine product reviews of Windows users...

Need More Video Effects? 
2. HitFilm Express
Hitfilm Express
In 2011, Josh Davies set out on a mission to make professional grade post-production tools accessible to everyone. The result was HitFilm, an all-in-one video editing and visual effects software.

Six years and 750,000 users later, HitFilm is one of the leading post-production software tools in the industry, offering software options for newbie and pro editors alike. The HitFilm community stretches around the globe to over 100 countries and is growing at a rate of over 55,000 members per month.

What started as a big idea on a little budget, has grown to a global movement of editors and filmmakers who share HitFilm’s vision for the future of video software. Together, we have not only built one of the best VFX and editing tools in the industry – but a community of artists who inspire and learn from each other.

With the latest HitFilm Pro 2017 you can create next-generation films with an unmatched library of over 500 visual effects and presets, enhanced audio, color grading and 3D animation tools. 

"HitFilm is proud to work with a wide range of partners from Hollywood studios to software companies to world-famous YouTubers".

I think these folks are pretty cool.  

HitFilm has more than 9,31,897 registered users and it's the fastest growing video software community in the world with:

• 55,000+ new users every month.
• Over 40,000 educational users worldwide.
• Over 95,000 YouTube subscribers.
• YouTube influencer network reach of over 15,000,000 subscribers.

Click here to download HitFilm now

3. Windows Movie Maker
With Windows Movie Maker, you can quickly turn your photos and videos into polished movies. Add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story. Share the movie with friends and family. 

Windows Movie Maker 2016 is a easy-to-use & powerful video creating/editing software application, designed for latest Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10. 

The old version works for Windows Xp and Vista. Windows Movie Maker contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. 

Windows Movie Maker is also a basic audio track editing program. Windows Movie Maker can apply basic effects to audio tracks such as fade in or fade out. The audio tracks can then be exported in the form of a sound file instead of a video file. 

Key features 
With Windows Movie Maker, it's easy to organize and select the photos and videos you want to use in your next movie.

With Windows Movie Maker, you can add text, transitions, effects, and more. Change as much as you want, or let Movie Maker do it for you.
Post your movie to your favorite sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Windows Live SkyDrive, and many others, right from Windows Movie Maker.

What you can do with Windows Movie Maker Software:Windows Movie Maker
Try an AutoMovie theme
Just pick the photos and videos you want to use, and Movie Maker does the rest.

Share with friends
Once your movie's done, it's easy to post it on popular social networking and video sharing sites.

Add your photos and videos
Import photos and videos from your PC or camera into Movie Maker to start making movies.

Edit the video
Make your movie look like you want it to, with editing tools that let you easily trim, split, and speed up or slow down your movie.

Edit the audio
Add and edit your movie's soundtrack. Adjust the volume, fade music in or out, and more.

Click here to download Windows Movie Maker now
 4. iMovie (Only for iOS & macOS)

Turn your videos into movie magic. With iMovie for iOS and macOS, you can enjoy your videos like never before. It’s easy to browse your clips and create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies. 

You can even start editing on iPhone or iPad, then finish on your Mac. And when you’re ready to premiere your movie on all your devices, iMovie Theater rolls out the red carpet. Studio-Quality Titles
Select from dozens of styles to add beautifully animated titles and credits to your movies. 

iMovie Features
Key Features

Studio-Quality Titles
Select from dozens of styles to add beautifully animated titles and credits to your movies. 

High-Fidelity Filters
Choose from 10 creative video filters that add a cinematic touch. Give your film a nostalgic monochrome style, a vintage western appearance or a futuristic cool blue look. It’s simple to apply filters to individual clips or your entire movie at once.

Extra-Special Effects
Make action shots more exciting by changing their speed.1 Add a broadcast feel to your school report with picture-in-picture and split-screen effects. Or place your characters in exotic locations using green-screen effects in iMovie for macOS.

Soundtracks, Simplified
Built-in music, sound effects and voiceover recording make it easy to create a movie that sounds as good as it looks. 

Create Trailers
The feel-good trailer of the year. You have hundreds of videos. And one big dream to be a moviemaker. iMovie trailers let you quickly create fun, Hollywood-style movie trailers from all that footage. 

Choose from a range of templates in almost any genre, pick your studio logo and type in your movie title and credits. Then add photos and videos to the storyboard. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you’ll have an instant blockbuster.

Edit Anywhere
Start cutting on your iOS device. Then use AirDrop or iCloud Drive to wirelessly transfer your project to your Mac and pick up where you left off.

Watch Anywhere
Create a movie or trailer on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then share it to iMovie Theater and watch it on any device. Even your Apple TV.2

A powerful performance in every movie
iMovie delivers a tour de force on iPad Pro. Work with multiple 4K video clips. Create effects like picture-in-picture or split screen in real time. And use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your editing performance.

Click here to download iMovie now

5. Lightworks
The professional editor for everyone, Lightworks is Edit Share's Academy and Emmy award-winning, professional Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software supporting resolutions up to 4K as well as video in SD and HD formats. 

In the last 25 years Lightworks has been used to edit some of the finest films in cinema history: The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King’s Speech and many more! They’re proud of its heritage and we want to share it with you. Discover the incredible features of this application and why Oscar nominated editors around the world use Lightworks Pro every day.

Choose between Lightworks Free and Pro
There are two licenses available for Lightworks: a Free seven-day renewable license that all users can activate immediately after installation, and a Pro license which can be purchased as a Month, Year or Outright from the Lightworks Shop.

Lightworks Free
Export options: Lightworks Free
To receive a Lightworks Free license, simply sign up. Lightworks Free offers you full editing power, and export to our preferred upload partner Vimeo at 1080p resolution.

Lightworks Pro
Export options: Lightworks Free

Purchase a Pro license and unlock all features and export options for all broadcast formats including AVID DNxHD, Panasonic and Sony formats, AVCHD, MOV, MXF, AVI. Interchange with other Applications (Media Composer, Protools, FCP, Resolve) with AAF, EDL or XML. You can even export to a distribution format MPEG-4 (Web, YouTube and Vimeo) at a maximum resolution of 4k or to DVD and Blu-ray.

Lightworks Features
Key Features
  • All major operating systemsUnmatched format support
  • Dedicated Web Export (MPEG4/H.264)
  • Optimised for speed
  • World class Trimming for fast precision editing
  • Multicam Editing
  • Powerful, realtime effects with inbuilt presets
  • Enhanced VFX with Boris FX
  • Text Effects with Boris Graffiti
  • Project Sharing for groups
  • Customisable interface 
  • Hardware I/O Support Unique Patented Console and Dedicated Keyboard.
Click here to download Lightworks now

Above are the top 5 video editing software's for YouTube beginners, which will help you to make perfect videos. 

I hope now you have understand, why a great video editor is recommended for YouTube Partners. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you. 

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