How to Add Social Media Share Button on Blog Easily

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Creating and operating a blog or a website is a great way to communicate with a large number of audience in order to promote your content.

how to add social media share button on blog

It’s never been easy to maintain a blog as it takes a lot time to write, design, publish & then wait for readers to read your blog and also monitor the comments.

So, ultimately it’s not easy to maintain a blog because it requires time & effort are needed to keep it up on the ranks. But when we talk about promotion, you don’t have to do all the work to promote your site, just by adding Social Sharing Buttons, your website readers and visitors can help you promote your website.

The success of a blog massively depends on how many people actually read it & another significant way to increase your readers is to include social share icons. 

As you all know that sharing button plays an important role on your blogs. As it allows us to share our latest posts, photos & videos to all social media sites via single click share icon.

So, you can make it easier than ever for your audience to spread your content around the web by providing share buttons. If you still don’t have Social Sharing Buttons on your website, better get them now!

Benefits of  Using Social Media Share Icons

As you all know, there are lots of benefits of using social media sharing buttons. Follow are the most important benefits of all, so let’s take a look at these:

More traffic
One of the biggest benefits of adding social share buttons is that it can help you to increase traffic of your site. But before adding icons keep in mind to make sure that your article is worth sharing. Because if you don’t write quality posts then your readers won’t share your posts. This is why always try to write quality & fresh articles for your audience.

If your content is frequently shared, that will help your website get better ranking. If you have these buttons on every post, it will be easier for them to promote your content and site.

Improve search ranking 
Nowadays, Search engine includes the strength of a link in social media as an algorithm-ranking factor. The strength is measured by calculating the number of times that content is shared, tweeted, liked, and posted on social media sites.

So if your content is getting shared frequently, that will improve its search engine ranking for relevant keywords. Since social share buttons make it so much easier for a reader to pass along your content to their network, without them you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Massive disclosure
Now comes marketing, the main aim of marketing and advertising is to expose your business or company to many people as possible. Millions of people use social networks every day so, having Social Sharing Buttons will benefit your site a lot.

Social sharing buttons increase the likelihood of getting your content in front of new readers. So, ultimately the quality of your content should be your priority in order to continuously get shares, likes, and tweets.

When someone shares your content with their network, it might get seen by a new reader or customer, who then may share it with their network, and another new customer who then may share it with their network & it’s going on.

Free advertising
As I have seen, many bloggers do not have Social Sharing Buttons on their posts. Most of these blog owners think that these buttons are useless. The truth is, it can help your website in many ways.

Think of it as free advertising. Although at first, it will seem useless. But once they start working for your website, it will soon be unstoppable  People will recognize your website once shares, likes, and tweets start to increase. 

If you don’t believe this, just try it for yourself! You will be surprised by the power of these icons on your site.

Gain natural links
Because of the social share buttons, people will share your links with others, as long as it’s well written and provides valuable information. Over time, people will do more than just share the links on social. As more and more people share your content on social media, you’ll increase the chances of gaining natural links.

Types of Social Media Share Buttons

These are all customizable buttons.

Sidebar Social media buttons hangs out on the side of your page, following your reader as they scroll. A great way to promote sharing without getting too in-your-face.

Image Sharing
Seamlessly integrate sharing into your layout with adjustable inline sharing buttons. Perfect for pages with tons of shareable content.

Modern, clean, and best suited for sites with tons of mobile traffic. This button expands to reveal sharing options on hover or click.

Integrate share buttons into your own content for a seamless sharing experience.

Adding Social Media Sharing Icons on your Blog

1. go to and search for “Addthis” & then click on the second link.

Adding share buttons to blog step1

2. Now sign up with Google+ account/ Facebook or Gmail.

Adding share buttons to blog step2

3. now you will see your account’s dashboard. you will find 3 tabs there and click on “tools”.

Adding share buttons to blog step3

4. click on add new tool.

Adding share buttons to blog step4

5. Now you will see 6 option by which you can drive more traffic to your blog but in this post, we will discuss only sharing feature so now click on “share buttons”.

Adding share buttons to blog step5

6. Here now you will find in the right sidebar that there is 7 types of tools to share your blog post so pick one and click on continue & now your icon will be saved.

Adding share buttons to blog step6

7. Your icon is almost done! now click on get code & copy the code and follow the instructions given there.

Adding share buttons to blog step7

8. Open your blogger account, go to layout. then click on add new gadget n click on HTML code. Paste the code.

Adding share buttons to blog step8

9. Now save the file and open your site & refresh the page. now you share your contents to social media sites whenever you want. 

Adding share buttons to blog step9

Displaying social share buttons on blog posts can benefit SEO in two essential ways:

• Encouraging and making it easy for readers to share website content drives relevant traffic to the website. As these shares are re-shared by social media connections, the ripple effect widens (sometimes rapidly and enormously)-this is what most people think about when they say something has gone “viral”.

• As more relevant people read website content, more opportunities for natural links arise, as these readers mention and link to that content on their blogs and websites.

By performing the above steps you can successfully enable social media sharing icon on your site. So, now your readers can share your posts with their friends & colleagues whenever they want which is very good for you.

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