Best Monetization Strategies for Newbie Bloggers

If you have created a new blog or already have a live blog with little traffic, then you are probably thinking to start earning money from your blog right!

Best Monetization Strategies for Newbie Bloggers

Well, you can make good earning from your blog, only If you know the right monetization strategies for your site. 

So, In this post, I will briefly discuss more earning opportunities from blogging and If you haven’t created your first blog yet, you can learn to create a free blog in here.

Following are the best monetization strategies you can put into place to start generating revenue from your blog.

Best Monetizing Strategies for New Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to generate a good income by promoting other people’s products for a small commission. This is probably the easiest monetization method to get into at the starting because you can apply to most programs with little to no audience. All you need is your own blog.

Following are best practices for promoting affiliate products:

• Write reviews about the product or service and include an affiliate link within your review post. Don’t just regurgitate information found on the product or service sales page, but write about your experience with it. People can distinguish a thorough, honest review from one that’s done purely to generate revenue.

• Create a resource page on your blog of the top products and services you recommend, including an affiliate link for each, plus a link to your in-depth review, if applicable.

• Get banners for the top products and services you know will appeal to your audience and put them in your blog’s header, sidebar and at the end of posts. Affiliate product banners are also great placeholders for future advertising spots you may want to sell when you start getting a substantial amount of traffic.

• Email your list whenever you write a great review or a particular affiliate program has a great special going on that your subscribers would be interested in. Be prepared to do special promotions on your blog and email list around Black Friday and Cyber Monday—it’s the hottest time to share affiliate product sales and earn some great income.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Once you have created a certain amount of content for your blog,
let’s say 10 to 15 blog posts, you can apply for Google AdSense
Google AdSense allows publishers to generate income from advertisers
who want to place ads on the Google Network.

Once you sign up and get approved, you will be able to customize ad slots for links, banners, images, and video, and place the Google AdSense code for each of these ad slots onto your website. After an hour or two, Google will begin to match the best ads for your website.

The key to Google AdSense is to follow the guidelines and know
where to place your ads for the best results. You can experiment with ad placement in your blog’s sidebar, below the title of individual blog posts, in your blog’s header and other areas.

Google even offers some example site layouts that will help you get the most clicks for your ads.

One more thing to keep in mind about Google AdSense
If you are making good money through affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services, the last thing you want is to encourage someone to leave your website by clicking on an ad. Once you begin making good money through other monetization strategies, you may want to consider removing Google AdSense. It’s better to get a $20 sale than a
$0.05 click.

This is a monetization strategy that has the potential to generate
continually increasing amounts of revenue based on your ability to
drive more traffic to your blog. Be sure to create an advertising 
the page on your blog and update your metrics (traffic, social audience, email
list subscribers, etc.) regularly so you can increase your ad pricing 
on a monthly basis.

Sell your Own Products or Services
Sell your products & services

If you have loyal followers, then you don’t need a large audience
to start selling products or services. All you need is to be able to answer the following questions.

• Do people ask me for advice or help?

• What do people ask me for advice or help for?

The first question will help you determine if there’s a paying market
for a product or service you can provide. The second question will
help you determine what that product or service is about. However, selling your own products is very easy & very helpfull for your blog’s goodwill.

Sponsored Review
Sponsored review

In addition to selling ad spaceyou can also offer sponsored reviews. This is where someone pays you to write about their product or service on your blog. If you choose only the products your audience will most likely be 
interested in, you can earn money while creating great content—a win-to-win situation. If you choose any product just because someone is paying you. However, you could lose your hard-earned audience as they will not 
be interested in the content.

When you do sponsored reviews, you should always remember
Google guidelines about using the “rel=nofollow attribute” for paid
links, or links within a paid review. People will likely offer you more
to have a dofollow link – Use your own discretion as to whether the
price advertisers offer for a sponsored review is worth risking the
wrath of Google.

In order to write a great sponsored review, insist that you want to
use the product or service for a trial period to really get some 
insight into it. That way, you can write an honest, compelling review.

Sell your Blog or Website Online
Sell your blog

This may be the last thing on your mind at this point, but if you
have a blog that isn’t directly tied in to your own name, products or
services, and mostly depends on ad revenue, you may want to 
consider selling your blog later down-the-road.

Some blogs—like the 20 listed in this article— have earned over $1 million dollars, thanks to how much traffic received, the quality of content the house and the advertising dollars they rake in on a monthly basis. The more traffic, quality content and advertising dollars you earn with your blog, the more you can sell it for, if you so choose.

By performing the above monetization strategies, you will be able to start generating revenue from your new blog. There are many other monetization strategies you can try with your own blog. These are just the most popular ones that tend to generate a lot of income for a lot of newbie bloggers!

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