How to Create A Free Brand Logo for your Blog & Business

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Having a brand logo for your company or website is very much important these days, as it helps you to create your brand name.

How to Make A Blog or Company logo for Free

In simple, a logo is a symbol which is extremely important to create your organization’s identity and for your company or blog promotion. A logo helps people to identify your organization and related to it.

So, if you want to leave the lasting impression on your customers, you must create a great logo for your business.

Creating a beautiful brand logo for your blog & websites gives you many benefits. A designing logo not only attracts your readers but also it helps your site to look more professional.

Creating a free logo is not difficult, thus; there are many ways by which you can create a free stunning logo for your site.

So, let’s talk more briefly about creating a free logo.

A logo is a graphic mark or a symbol commonly used by their commercial organizations or companies, and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.

In simple, a brand logo is a combination of text and visual images that serves two purposes. It tells people the name of the company and it creates a visual symbol that represents your business. Some logos have powerful symbolic association connected to people’s memory. Such as Google, Apple, HP, Android, etc.

Why a Logo is Necessary for a Site or Company?

Having a professional looking, well-designed logo builds trust among you and your customers. Your potential customers are more likely to do business with you if you have a well-designed logo. If your logo looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word, people will question how well you are able to deliver your core business products or services.

Below are some points explaining why it’s so important to have a brand logo:

  • A brand logo represents what you stand for, your goals, objectives and the nature of your business.
  • Use of it throughout your marketing material for industry recognition such as with logo products.
  • It logo often accompanied by a tagline or slogan is always beneficial.
  • A good designed logo represents stability and shows sincerity and seriousness towards your business.
  • It sets you apart from competitors.
  • Brings credibility, consistency, and professionalism to your business.
  • Increased customer’s confidence in your brand.
  • Helps you increase your online presence.
  • A strongly designed logo establishes your brand identity – it is an expression of your identity.

Tips for Creating A Free Logo Design

  • Always focus on creating a simple logo, the less complicated your logo the better it is to remember.
  • Try to Create an eye-catching design i.e. attractive look and feel portrays a more polished image of your business.
  • It Must be suitable and in line with the business philosophy.
  • Self-explanatory and easier interpretation helps your customers relate to it.
  • Customizable meaning it should have the convenience of making changes when desired.
  • Make sure your logo is not confused with another company and it should be designed professionally.
  • Unique with respect to ease of recognition in absence of company’s name.
  • Make it memorable – it is your brand personality.

Ways to Create A Free Logo Design

There are mainly 2 ways of creating a free logo, Online, and Offline. You can easily create the free logo from Microsoft Word, PhotoShop, Mobile app, etc. But If you wish to create unique, eye-catchy, professional logo then you must go for online sites. So, today in this post, I will guide you to create free logo’s online via

Canva is an online image editing website, where you can easily create a free stunning logo in minutes because it provides free ready to use logo layouts, so you just have to open the site, select any logo and replace it with your website or company details, save it & you’re done!

1. Open your desktop browser and go to “” and click on more on the above button.

Create free logo step1

2. Now scroll down and find the term “Marketing Materials” & under it click on “logo”.

Create free logo step2

3. Now as you can see, there are many free layout’s to create your first logo, click any & replace with your logo information.

Create free logo step3

4. Once you are done, click on download button, select file type you wish to download. Now again click on download option! and you’re done!

Create free logo step4


By performing the above steps you can easily create a free logo with the slogan in minutes. Unlike paid logo’s, Canva site allows you to edit/download various designing brand logos for free. 

In our next article, we will teach you to create free transparent logo for your site online and offline, both. So, do subscribe us to now to stay updated and also don’t forget to share it with your friends & family members.

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