How to Categorize your Blogger Posts Using Labels

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If you are blogging on blogger platform, then you might know that there is no widget available in blogspot to create categories for your blog posts.

create category blogger posts using labels

Blogger do provides archieve widget to their users, but still it’s not same professional category widget.

So, you might be wondering, how can you create category on your blog? Luckily, there is a another legit way to categorize your blog posts easily using “labels”. I think, you might have seen or heard about label before right! Blogger labels allows you to create categories by adding separate labels on each of your blog posts.

So, in this article I will guide you step-by-step to create categories for your blog.

Why to categorize your blog posts?

“Categorising your blogspot posts helps to organize your blog by letting your visitors or readers find what actually they’re looking for”. By doing this, your readers will be able to navigate your blog more easily and effectively.

If you do no categorize your posts, your visitors will be unable to find the articles they’re seeking to and they will instantly leave your site due to your poor navigation structure, which will increase bounce rate to your site and you will start loosing traffic to your site no matter how expert you are at creating perfect SEO friendly articles.

So, apply best blogging technique while writing an article.

During my online research, I have found that labels have huge SEO impact on your blog. So, always focus on adding targeted keyword in labels. You can use labels for different purposes.

For example, a post title “Start blogging today with SEO and make tons of money online” could have three different labels.

  • Blogging – Blogging is a high ranking keyword.
  • SEO – SEO is a valuable keyword with lots of related search queries.
  • Make Money Online – It’s also a best keyword to get more traffic.

And remaining start, today, with, tons and of are not a keyword. So, don’t consider adding these less valuable phrases.

What is a blogger label?

In blogger, labels are also called as tags, topics or categories. When you create a post or article in the post editor, on the right side you have the option of adding labels to that individual post.

Once you get there, the existing labels will automatically appear below the label box so that you can add them more quickly.

How to create categories using labels?

Step1: Adding labels to posts
1. Go to your posts page, and open a article.

Adding labels to blogger posts

2. In the post editor of the right side, click on labels and a blank box will appear. If you have already added labels then it will appear below the box.

Adding labels to blogspot posts

3. In the label box add your label (keywords), click on done and click publish.

Add labels to blogger posts

4. Apply the same procedure with all the posts you have on your blog & it’s nicely done!

Step2: adding labels widget on your blog
1. Go to layout page and click on add a widget.

adding labels widget to blogger

2. scroll down and click on +, to add label widget.

adding labels gadget to blogger

3. You can customize the widget according to your choice.

  • Change the title name to category or topic.
  • Customize how many labels you want to show/hide on your blog.
  • Use sorting to how labels alphabetically or frequently.
  • Select display as list or cloud & choose if you want your visitor to see the number of posts per label and click on save.

adding labels widget to blogspot blog

Click save arrangement, and you’re all set! Here’s how your new gadget will look like:

Blogger blogspot Category labels

By performing above steps, you can easily make category widget on your blogspot blog. Always try to add focus keywords only instead of adding lots of waste phrases, keep it short and simple to let your visitors navigate and understand your site more easily.

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