How to Embed Social Media Posts Inside your Blog Post

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If you’re writing a blog article regarding social media marketing topics, then embedding a social post on your blog will be a better idea to let your readers easily understand the content you are writing about.

embed social media posts to blogger

You can use them to support your post with examples, extend your social reach, embedding social media posts can provide lots of value to your blog. But adding it to your site can be a little tricky!

In this article, you’ll find step by step guide to embedding your social media posts on your website from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and PDF file.

Why Embed Social Media Posts to Blogger?

There can be many reasons for embedding social media posts to your blog post.

  • It can be used for the brief explanation about social media topics on your blog.
  • Gain more likes and followers form your blog post after embedding the post.
  • Save time by providing the actual meaning.
  • Get the live notification on your social media posts from your blog.

Note: Google+ and LinkedIn social networking sites don’t allow to embed their posts on a webpage.

How to Embed Social Media Posts to Blogger?

1. The first thing you need to do is, open your Facebook account & select the post you want to embed.

2. Now in that post, click on right side up 3 dots, and click embed.

embed facebook post to blogger

3. Copy the code and paste it into your blog post, HTML mode.

embed facebook post to blogger blog

4. Click compose and preview your post. Here’s how it will look:

2. Twitter
1. Select the tweet you want to embed to your blog.

2. In that post, click on the right side arrow symbol and click on embed tweet.

embed twitter post to blog

3. Copy the embed codes and paste it to blogger post-HTML Mode.

embedding twitter post to blogger

Here’s how it’ll look:

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3. Pinterest
1. Log in to your Pinterest account and click on the pin you want to embed.

2. In that pin, click on … dots and select Embed.

embed pinterest posts to blogger

3. Now you’ll be redirected to the Pinterest Widget Builder Page. In that page, you will find 2 pieces of codes, copy them and paste in the blogger HTML mode.

embedding pinterest posts to blogger

Here’s an example:

4. YouTube
1. Visit YouTube from your browser and open the video you want embed.

2. Click share option below the video and select embed mode and copy the code and paste it to your blog post. (To customize your embed code, click show more.)

embed youtube video to blogger

Here how it’ll look:

5. Instagram
1. Go to your Instagram account and open the Image you want to embed.

2. Click on 3 dots… below the comment box and click embed.

embed instagram image to blogger blog

3. Copy the piece of code and paste it inside your blog post.

embed instagram image to blogger

You are done!

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How to Embed PDF File to Blogger?

1. Upload the PDF file to Google drive.

2. After uploading, get the link of your PDF file.

3. Visit Embedly Website and paste the PDF link you’ve copied and click on click to copy button code to copy the embed code.

4. Open your blogger dashboard and click on new post. In the HTML mode paste the embed code.

5. Go to compose mode and preview your post. In the preview page click on embed and copy the final PDF embedding code.

6. Now open the post, where you want this PDF to show and click on HTML mode and paste the final piece of embedding code & you’re done!
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Above are the best and easy ways to embed your social media networking posts under a blogger blog post. In case you’re using a different blogging platform! Just copy the embed codes and paste it on the HTML page of your blog post.

If you find this post useful, let me know in the comment box below!

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