How to apply for Google AdSense Program via New blog on Blogger

Having a quality blog on blogger platform allows to sign up for Google AdSense account to earn money by showing ads on your blog.

apply google adsense program

As we know that Blogger and AdSense, both are owned by the Google company. So, this is why it is super easy to apply for AdSense via blogger. There are many benefits of using blogger as blogging platform when it comes to earning money!
  • It takes only 5 minutes to open a new blog.
  • Blogger is free for lifetime, no hidden charges.
  • Applying to AdSense is super easy.
  • AdSense approval is very fast.
  • All the features are absolutely free.
  • There could be more benefits if you use a custom domain instead of Blogspot subdomain while signing up for AdSense.

Once you get approved, you can start earning tons of money by placing Google ads on your blog.

What are the requirements for applying to AdSense?

Below are some major requirements that you must fulfill before applying for AdSense.
  • Your blog should be fully published, remember blog under construction will be rejected.
  • Your blog should be minimum 6 months old for India, Nepal, Bangladesh users as per AdSense Guidelines.
  • There should be a minimum traffic during the approval process.
  • There should be no illegal or adult contents on your site, or else your application will be rejected. There are also chances that Google might panelized your blog due to illegal activity.
  • Your blog should have original contents, created by you. Duplicate, copied contents, copyrighted images will be rejected.
  • Before applying to AdSense, make sure you have minimum 30 - 40 posts on your blog.

Read the Official AdSense Guidelines for publishers before submitting your application.

How to Apply for AdSense via Blogger

Follow below easy steps:

1. Login to your blogger dashboard and click on "Earnings".

Apply for AdSense via Blogger

2. Click on "Sign up for AdSense" button.

Apply to AdSense via Blogger

3. Now you will be redirected to a new page. Here you need to confirm your Gmail address. Sign in using your current email ID. Once you're signed in, click "Yes" to continue with your current email.

Apply AdSense program via Blogger

4. Select your "primary language" and click on "Accept association".

Apply for AdSense via Blogger blog

5. Now you will be redirected to your blogger Earnings page. Here you need to allow Adsense to connect your blog. Click on Show ads on blog > Display ads below my posts and in the sidebar > Save settings.

howto Apply AdSense via Blogger

Congratulations! You have successfully applied to Adsense program using your blog.

Note: Google normally replies with 3 business days whether your application is been approved or rejected. In some cases, it might take longer time like 1 month.

Now, you can easily check whether your application is still under review or approved from your Adsense account. Here's how it'll look:

Pending adsense account status

You'll be notified by email once your account gets approved.

Tips to approve your new AdSense account

1. During the review process, you must publish a new post per day.

2. Your blog should have more traffic during the review time.

3. Use original contents and don't use copyrighted images on your blog.

4. Promote your posts on social media to get referral traffic.

5. Use of Custom Domain can increase the chances of your approval.

6. Try to write lengthy posts, a user engaging post consists of approximately 400 to 1500 words.

7. Use Anchor texts, Images, Info-graphs, Videos, PDF guides, etc. to briefly explain the concept of your post.

• Read Secrets To Getting An Approved Google Adsense & Why Your Applications Were Rejected.

You can also watch this video tutorial to learn more about connecting your blogger site to Google Adsense.

I remember making a couple of mistakes when I first signed up. But hopefully, if you follow this guide, you won’t make the same mistakes as I did. Once your blog is approved, you can easily show ads on your blog and start generating real money!

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