How to Add Privacy Policy Page to Blogger and WordPress

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A Privacy Policy page is a very significant web page for any website and blog owner, it’s one of the 5th types of web-pages that every blog must have on their sites. Privacy policy page represents all the legal details of your blog.

adding privacy policy to blogger wordpress

If you want to run Google Adsense ads or another alternative advertising program on your Blog or website, you must add a Privacy Policy to your blog to stay within the publisher Terms and Conditions.

Creating a privacy policy page is very easy, all you need to do is go to an online privacy policy generator tool, enter your details and wait for the results. Once the result is been, copy the HTML code and paste it to your blog pages and you’re done!

In many blogs, I’ve heard that a lot of people didn’t get an AdSense approval because of not having a proper privacy policy page. So, I highly recommend you to add a Privacy Policy page to your blog before applying for Google Adsense.

What is a Privacy Policy Page?

“Privacy Policy declares information about how the site collects any information from the visitors and about the ads served on your site.” This page contains all the legal characteristics of your blog to help your readers to know about how your site collects their data and how you monetize your site.

There are many benefits to having a privacy page on your blog. Some of them are:

  • Your site visitors might like privacy as they are sharing personal info (Like Email) with you.
  • It is required by third-party websites and ad servers (Adsense & other advertising networks).
  • It helps your readers or users to know what you do with their data.
  • Having a privacy page shows that you respect their privacy.
  • Having a privacy page will help your blog to easily get Adsense approval.

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page for Your Blog

You can either create a privacy policy page by yourself if you know the demo, or if you don’t know how to create a free policy page for your blog. In that case, there are several other privacy policy page generator websites, which will do the work for you absolutely free.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a free privacy policy for your new blog using SerpRank Website.

1. Visit the SerpRank Website & sign up using your existing Gmail Account. (It Normally takes less than 1 minute.)

create privacy policy

2. Once you have created an account, go to the SerpRank privacy policy generator page.

create privacy policy page

3. Now the page will ask you to fill out some information regarding your sites, such as site URL, Email address, whether you use cookies or not, and the advertiser information. Once you’ve filled the blanks, click CREATE MY PRIVACY POLICY.

creating privacy  for blog

Now you’ve just created a privacy policy for your blog. Now Copy this information to a text document.

How to Add Privacy Policy Page to your Blog?

1. For Blogspot Blog
To add policy page to your blogspot blog, go to blogger site > click on Pages > new page > paste the copied privacy policy information > Publish!

add privacy policy to blog

2. For WordPress Site
To add this privacy policy page to your WordPress site, visit dashboard > In manage, site pages > click Add > write the title and paste the copied infomation > Publish!

add privacy policy to blogger wordpress

Now you’ve successfully created and published Privacy Policy Page on your blog.

By adding this privacy policy page to your blog, you will increase the truthfulness of your readers. So, go and create a Privacy Policy page before you apply for any advertising network to make money from your blog.

Getting error while generating your privacy policy page? let me know in the comment box below!

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