How to Create Custom Contact Form (Contact Us Page) for Bloggers

A contact us form or contact us page is a must-have widget for every professional blogger and website owners.

custom contact form for blogger wordpress

A contact form allows you to engage and interact with your customer or readers more quickly. Adding a contact form to your blog is really easy and simple.

There are many websites that offer custom contact us form generator tool for bloggers. All you have to do is, visit their website, customize & generate the HTML code of the form and paste it to your site and you’re done!

Why Do I Use Contact Form?

The contact form allows your website or blog visitors to easily contact you by entering their email address, name and the message they want to convey. These contact form will help your users in many ways.

  • They can easily clear all of their doubts.
  • They can easily contact you for any business purpose.
  • Having a contact form increases their trust.
  • This process can save lots of time for you & your visitors.
  • It helps to increase engagement between you and your readers.
  • Show your professionalism and make your site user-friendly.

These are some of the reasons for having a beautifully designed contact form on your site.

How to Add Simple Contact Widget to Blogger?

Do you know that blogpost site does provide a contact gadget for your blog? To add it to your site, follow the below steps:

1. Go to Layout page on your blogger dashboard and Click on add a gadget.

adding simple contact widget to blogger

2. Now go to more gadgets and add the contact form.

Adding contact widget to blogger

3. Add a title and click save.

Adding simple contact gadget to blogger

How to Add Contact Us Form to WordPress?

Note: If you are using the free version of site, you cannot install other plugins to your site. To add a plugin you need to upgrade your plan.

In WordPress, you will get free contact form with Jetpack plugin, but if you don’t like that old classic form, you can easily replace it with a beautifully designed contact form.

All you have to do is install a contact plugin to your site & you’re done! To add a contact plugin to your site, perform below steps:

1. Visit your WordPress dashboard & click on Plugins, and search for WP forms.

Adding contact us form to wordpress

2. Open the form plugin, click install and activate it & you’re done! Now customize your form & add it to your pages to let others see your contact form.

Add contact us form to wordpress
How to Add Custom Contact Form to Blogger?

To add a custom designed contact form on your blog, follow simple below steps:

1. Visit 123 contact form and sign up with their basic free plan using your Gmail account ( you can also sign up via your Facebook account).

Adding custom contact form to blogger

2. After verifying your email ID, go to My forms page and click on Create your first form.

Add custom contact form to blogger

3. Now in the new form page, tap on contact & lead form and customize your form using their drag & drop feature.

Adding contact form to blogger

4. Once you’re done customizing your form, click on publish form and choose your blogging platform, where you want this form to appear. Tap on Blogger and copy the JavaScript code.

Add stylish contact form to blogger

5. Visit the blogger dashboard and click on the Layout page.

6. Tap on Add a gadget & select HTML/JavaScript widget.

7. Add a title, paste the copied code & click save.

If you don’t how to add HTML codes to blogger widget, read my below post.

• Blogger Widgets: The Killer Guide for Adding HTML Codes to Blogger

How to Add Custom Contact Form to your Blogger Page?

Adding the contact form to your page is very simple. Copy the above contact form code & paste it to your Blog page & you’re done! To add the codes to your blog, perform below steps:

1. Copy the above contact form code and visit your blogger dashboard.

2. Click pages & tap on add new page.

3. Add a title (Contact me or us) and click on HTML mode & paste the copied codes, click publish.

Adding contact form to blogger page

By performing the above steps, you can easily add Custom Contact us form to your blog. Having a simple contact form on your blog will help you provide a better user experience to your visitors to easily let them contact you from your blog.

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