How to Verify New blog in Google Webmaster tools

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Verifying your blog in Google Webmasters tool or Search Console is your first task after launching your new blog.

Verify blog in Webmaster tools

Once you verify your property in Search Consol and submit a sitemap, Google will index and crawl your blog posts so that you can get free traffic directly from Google search results.

Now, before we proceed to the tutorial, there are a couple of things you should know about the Webmasters tool.

How does Google Search Console work?

Have you ever wondered how Google show websites for a given search query? For example, if you search on Google for “Cute puppies”, you will see the top 10 results (among thousands of results) on the first page for that “keywords”.

These top 10 websites have already submitted their posts to the Webmasters tool using the sitemap to get indexed and crawled so that they can appear in the Google search results.

That’s how the process works! So, if you want your posts to appear in search results then you need to add your new blog or website to the search console. That’s the only way to appear in Google search results like other websites.

Similarly, if you want to get traffic from other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, then you need to apply the same procedure. Watch the video tutorial created by Google Webmasters tool, to understand how does Search Console works!

Why do I verify my blog with Google?

There are many reasons for verifying your new blog or website with Google. Below are some of them:
  • Understand the keywords/phrases that your visitors used to find you on organic search.
  • Track the domains that link back to your site (backlinks).
  • Search Console will let you know if there are any official penalties on your site.
  • It will tell you if google crawler is finding blocked resources.
  • It will tell you if any part of your website is suffering from mobile usability issues.
  • It will let you know any 404 error and other errors that the Google crawler catches.
  • Know how much % of your site has been indexed.
  • It reads and verifies any structured data on the site.

These are the main reasons why you should consider using Google Webmaster tools for your new site.

    Verifying your blog in Webmaster tools

    To submit your new blog to Webmasters tool, follow the below steps:

    1 Sign in to Google Webmaster tools using your existing Gmail account.

    2 Click on “add a property” to insert your blog into Google.

    Verify blog in Webmaster tools

    3 Now a popup box will appear in the window. You can choose what type of property you want to submit. Select, website and “enter your blog URL” & click “Add”.

    Verify blog in Webmasters tool

    NOTE: If you are using a custom domain, then include www before your URL like ( But if you are using blogger subdomains, then no need to add www but don’t forget to include (HTTP://)

    4 Now the final verification process is here. You need to verify your website before submitting to Google using the recommended or alternative method. The Alternative method contains HTML file upload, Domain name provider, Google analytics, Google tag manager.

    In this tutorial, I will use the recommended method, the HTML meta tag. So, click on “Recommended method or HTML tag” and copy the meta code given there and paste it into your template.

    Verifying blog in Search console

    5. To paste the meta code, open your blogger account, click on “Template” and don’t forget to backup your blog before editing and then click on “EDIT HTML”.

    Verify blog in search console

    6. Type CTRL+F to open the search box and <head> section. Paste the meta code under the head section before </head> and save the template.

    Verifying blog with Google

    7. Get back to the search console, and click “verify”.

    Verifying blog in Webmaster tool

    Congratulations! You’ve successfully verified your website.

    website verified with Google

    Now after verifying your website, your next task is to submit a sitemap.XML file to index your web pages so that you can get free traffic from Google search results. In my next article, I will show you how to add a sitemap page to Google Webmaster tools.

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