Getting Started with a New blog in Bing Webmaster Tools

Just like Google, there are other search engines that provide free webmaster tools to analyze and improve your site performance for better ranking in search results, and Bing is one them.

Bing webmaster tools

Bing search engine also provides the same features as the Google search engine, so the benefits are sane too. Hence, it will increase your SEO and help you drive more traffic to your site.
It’s not like you are going to rank at the top of search results, but somehow you may rank higher than your current position because of search engine crawlers. After submitting your blog to Bing webmaster tools, the search engine crawlers will index and crawl your site, and then you will start appearing in Bing and Yahoo, both search engines results. It can be a great opportunity for your site to gain new audience globally for free of cost. If you haven’t submitted your site to Google yet, read this post:

Before I begin this tutorial, there are a couple of things you should know!

Why Use Bing Webmaster Tools?

As I mentioned above, you will get free traffic to your site from Bing and Yahoo search query results. Apart from it, you can:

  • Check whether your site has been index and you’re getting traffic or not.
  • Troubleshoot crawling and indexing errors.
  • Analyze internal links, backlinks, keyword performance of your site.
  • Discover and fix new issues, such as file not found, page blocked by the robot, 404 errors.
  • Check complete report of your site performance.
  • Submit sitemap XML files.
  • Prevent search engines from indexing duplicate contents or specific URL’s using a robot.txt file.

Submitting your New blog to Bing Webmaster tools

You need to create a new Microsoft account using your existing Gmail account to submit your site to Bing search engine. Perform the easy step below:

1. Go to Bing Webmaster tools and click on ‘sign up’ for a new Mircosoft Email account.

Submitting new blog to bing

2. Enter your existing Gmail account and provide a password, and then click on ‘next’.

Submit new blog to bing

3. Enter your first and last name and click ‘next’.

Submitting blog to bing

4. Select your Country and enter your date of birth and again click ‘next’ button.

Submitting blog to bing webmaster

5. Now you need to verify your Gmail address using confirmation Code. Copy the code from your Gmail account and paste it here, then click next.

Submitting blog to bing webmasater tools

Congratulations! you’ve successfully created a new Microsoft account. You’re not done yet, now you will be automatically redirected to Bing website submission page.

6. Enter your website or blog URL and click ‘Add’.

Submit blog to bing webmaster

7. Now you need to fill out the form to submit your site. In the ABOUT MY WEBSITE section, skip the sitemap and select All day(default) as you receive the most traffic to your site. Note that you can always add a sitemap later.

Submit blog to bing webmaster tools

8. In the ABOUT ME section, enter your first and last name. Enter blogger as your job role, company name, company size, select ‘Publishing and Web’ as Industry, add contact number, city, state, zip code, country and then click save and you’re done!

Submitting new website to bing

Verifying your New blog in Bing Webmaster tools

After submitting your site to Bing, you will be redirected to website verification page. Now you need to verify your website by anyone given option :
  • Option1: By placing an XML file on your web server,
  • Option2: By pasting a <meta> tag in your default webpage,
  • Option3: By adding CNAME record to DNS.

In this tutorial, I will use option2 for verifying my site. Follow these easy steps.

Verify ownership in Bing webasters

1. Copy the ‘Meta Tag’ and open your blogger account.

Verifying new blog in bing

2. Open your Blogger account click on ‘Theme’ and then ‘EDIT HTML’. Note: Don’t forget to backup your template before editing HTML codes of your blog theme.

Verify new blog in bing

3. Now enter ‘Ctrl+F’ to open search box, search for <head> and paste ‘Meta Tag’ after the <head> tag. Now click ‘Save Theme’.

Verifying new blog in bing webmasters

4. Go back to the verification page, and click ‘Verify’ button.

Verifying new blog in bing webmaster tools

Congratulations! You’ve successfully verified and submitted your new blog to Bing Search Engine. Here’s how your Dashboard looks like:

bing dashboard overview

After adding your site to Bing, your next task is to submit a sitemap XML file to your webmaster account. Creating a Sitemap is easy, and the procedure is same as Google sitemap.

You can submit your sitemap from within the Dashboard, just look for the Sitemaps section and click on the sitemap text box to add your sitemap file.

Normally a Sitemap looks like this:

All you need to do is type ‘sitemap.xml’ after you blog homepage URL, submit to Bing Webmaster tools. Just perform the below easy steps.

Steps to Submit Sitemap in Bing Webmaster tools

1. In your dashboard, click on SUBMIT A SITEMAP button.

Submitting sitemap in bing

2. Enter your sitemap and click Submit.

Submit sitemap in bing

3. Now, confirm your sitemap and again click Submit.

Submitting sitemap in bing webmasters

Congratulations! You have submitted the sitemap to Bing, now it will be in pending until Bing search engine crawls your site.

sitemap submitted

After performing above all the steps, Bing will start indexing and crawl your site contents and you will start appearing Bing and Yahoo search results. Next time whenever you publish a new post, don’t forget to resubmit your sitemap as it will help your site to crawl faster by search engine bots.

Have you added your blog to Bing Webmaster tools? Let me know in the comment box below and if find this article useful, do share it with your friends and family members.

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