How to Add Google Maps on Blogger

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Embedding Google Maps to your blogger post may help your visitors or customers to easily find the exact location of your online business.

embed google maps blogger

There are no doubts that Google maps are perfect for navigational use, it shows the proper driving directions, satellite view, and more essential information.

Just like Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine also allows embedding their map on your blog post. But they are not so flexible and huge enough to support lots of things, whereas Google has many features to provide you a quality map that no one can offer.

You can:

  • Allow peoples to easily find you on Maps.
  • Let them know your exact location and direction.
  • Let them simple find you from Google search results.
  • Create more engagement between you and your customers.
  • Upload your Business photos and write posts.
  • Add opening and closing time of your office or business.
  • Let others review and rate your business.

Watch this video to know the basic features of Google Maps.

So, embedding the map can give you more benefits, below we will show you to how to embed Google maps to blogger posts step by step.

Adding Google Maps in Blogger

In this tutorial, I will embed my office address available on Google Maps.

1. Go to Google and search for the place you want to embed and then click on the ‘arrow’ button to open the place in Google Maps or direct open the location from Google Maps.

Adding Google Maps

2. Now the place will automatically open on Google Maps and then click on the ‘share’ button of your left side panel.

Add Google Maps in Blogger

3. A popup box will appear, from their, you can share the place’s link and now hit the ‘Embed Map’ button to get the codes.

Adding Maps in Blogger

4. Here are the embedding codes, you can select the size, whether you want the smaller size or medium or the larger size. Once, you’re done choosing size, copy the iframe code.

Embedding Google Maps in Blogger

5. Go to your blogger posts and click on ‘New post’ to create a post or choose the existing one.

6. Click on ‘HTML Mode’ on the left side of the editor tab, paste the codes and hit the ‘Publish’ button.

embed Maps on Blogger

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added the Google Maps to your blog post. Here’s how it will look like:

Embedding Google Maps to Blogger Gadgets

1. Apply the above method until you get the embed codes.

2. Once you get the Iframe codes, go to blogger and open the layout page.

3. Click on ‘Add a Gadget’ and select the ‘HTML/JavaScript widget’, paste the Iframe codes, ‘save’ it and you’re all done!


By following the above-given methods, you can easily add the Google Maps to your blogger post and widget. All you need is the Iframe embedding codes. Just make sure you have chosen the appropriate size of the Google Maps for your blog.

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