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In blogger, there are different widgets are available and each of them has a unique ID or we can say as a name to easily identify them.

find widget id blogger

With that ID, we can easily locate any widget in the template code area or we can also the ID to find any specific widget to customize with CSS design.

Finding a widget ID has always been easier. Now, before I begin this tutorial, I want to clarify that, “those build-in blogger widgets do not contain numbers, instead they carry their widget names only”.

For example, if you add a popular gadget twice on your blog, then the first gadget ID will be “PopularPosts1” and the second ID will be “PopularPosts2″.

blogger widget id

But in case of HTML/Javascript widget, it will number only. it’s like HTML1, HTML2, HTML3.

Here in this tutorial, we will highlight two different ways to find out the widget ID you are looking for.

So, let’s get started…

Finding Widget ID in blogger

Here for explanation purpose, I will be finding the HTML/JavaScript widget.

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1. Login to your blogger dashboard and go to the Layout page.

Widget ID in blogger

2. Select the HTML/JavaScript widget and click edit.

Finding Widget

3. Now, a popup widget configuration window will appear. Move at the end of that URL and you will see something like this: “widgetid=HTML6”, that’s the unique widget ID we are looking for.

Find Widget ID blogger

Super easy, right? Just select any other widget instead of selecting HTML/ JavaScript widget and perform the remaining steps.

Below, I have highlighted another simple way to find widget ID directly from your template.

Finding widget ID from Blogger Template

1. In your dashboard, go the Theme section and backup your template first and then and click on the “Edit HTML” button.

Finding widget theme

2. In the HTML code editor, click on “Jump to Widget” section, and you will see the list of widgets ID available on your blog.

Finding widgets

3. Now click on the widget you want to see, let’s say it “HTML1”. click on them and then you will be redirected to the widget source code.

widget id in theme

Now you can easily find out any blogger widgets ID on your blog by following anyone method given above. Just copy the code after “widget=”, that’s the unique identification code.

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