+10 Proven Ways to Generate Backlinks for your blog

publishing quality contents is not enough for your online blog to rank higher in search engines.

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Thus, only higher authority backlinks can rank your blog in the top of search results and get more traffic for free.

Backlinks from Higher ranking sites can outcome in great advantages, such as,

  • Gain more organic traffic.
  • Increase in Alexa ranking.
  • Growth in Domain authority and Page Authority.
  • Increase in Social Media reach and followers.
  • Maximize Adsense earnings. Increases engagement and trust.

So, in this content, I will show 11 easy ways to produce quality backlinks for your site to increase your ranking in no time.

+10 Proven Ways to Generate Quality Backlinks for your site

Here is the list of +10 proven methods to generate backlinks for your new blog or website.

1. Write Guest PostWriting a guest post on same niche blog is the fastest legitimate way to generate quality backlinks for your site. There are many high authority sites are available on the Internet, where you can write and publish guest posts in return for a do-follow backlink. Whenever you are into submitting guest content, always check and read the guidelines for submitting the content first, because not every blogger will provide you do-follow link in return. So, always take a look at the terms & conditions before writing guest posts for other blogs.

For your ease, take a look at these guest blogging websites list:

Domain Name
Guest Posting Guidelines
General Niche
General Niche
General Niche
Blogging Niche

2. Broken linksBroken links are another fastest way to produce quality backlinks from higher authority sites. With this trick, you will be easily able to get quality backlinks from Wikipedia or Wikihow websites. All you need to do is download a broken link finder chrome extension, install it on your browser and open the Wikipedia website. Now, run a scan for broken links, once you find those session expired links, create an exact post containing the useful information of that individual URL. After producing the content, send a ping to Wikipedia suggesting to replace the broken link with your content. Now, after verifying the URL you have given, they will make it live and you will receive a free backlink from a higher authority website. 3. Use QuoraThe popular Quora is the best platform for the beginners to generate the bulk of free backlinks for your blog. All you need do is open the Quora website, sign up yourself and complete your profile. Now, you will see many questions asked by your Quora members, pick one and write your opinions about the question and at last, mention or point out your website link for better understanding of the concept. In this way, you can produce thousands of free backlinks from Quora, if you want. Just make sure that all the answers look spam free and contain the most useful information on that topic. 4. Social Networking sitesSocial media sites are one of the major sources to get free backlinks on your blog. There are many social media sites are available on the Internet. Such as the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc which can be easily used to promote your contents as well as generate free backlinks. 5. Search Engines Search engines are the major source for getting backlinks. Popular search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo, Baidu, etc can be simply used to generate backlinks by submitting your blog to different Webmaster tools. You may also need to submit a sitemap of your blog to different Webmaster tools. In this way, search engine bots will crawl and index all of your blog posts and you will gain a free backlink. 6. Blog Submission Directories Blog submission directories are specially made for bloggers to submit your blog in a variety of niche. In order to submit your blog in blog directories, you need to make a list of high authority and free blog submission websites and then submit your blog to those directories one by one and soon enough within free months, you will see a few backlinks are linked with your blog.

For your ease, you can this content for blog popular blog submission sites:

7. Comment on Other Niche related Blogs If you ask experts, they will surely mention about blog commenting is the best and super fast way to generate the bulk of backlinks, engage with other bloggers and gain trust. Being a blogger, you must perform the blog commenting method right away after creating your new blog. This method can easily help your blog to get free do-follow and no-follow backlinks for free. For example, you can start the blog commenting method from WordPress blogs as because some of their blogs contains WP comment plugin where you can drop the URL of your website while submitting your comment. As a beginning you can start with some popular websites like JohnChow, ShoutMeLoud and other Comment Luv enabled blogs to get your first backlink via blog commenting method. 8. Infographics Infographics have always been in demand for bloggers as they represent an effective way to pass information to users. But, creating an infographic is not that much difficult as it seems, in fact, it becomes easier using infographic creator online tools like Canva, which can be used to produce stunning infographics for free. After publishing the infographics, embed it in the most relevant content of your blog and do not forget to share the image on popular image sharing site Pinterest. For example, let’s say Sam produced a quality infographic and pinned it in one of his Pinterest boards. Now, Adam found his infographics and decided to embed it in his website and he provided a credit link to Sam’s site and that’s how Sam got a free backlink from Adam for publishing the quality infographics. In this way, you can generate tons of free quality backlinks to your blog. 8. Produce Useful Videos

If you are a YouTuber or expert at producing useful videos by yourself, then you can easily start building backlinks from your creative videos.

All you need to do is create an engaging video and upload it on the YouTube. Now, while uploading the video, write a brief description of it and at last add the link to your blog or website. You can also embed your uploaded videos in your blog post to increase the popularity and authority of your YouTube videos.

In this way, you can produce tons of quality backlinks from higher authority sites.

9. Popular Bookmarking Websites
Popular bookmarking websites are best and often used by many bloggers to generate quality backlinks and gain traffic to your site.

There are tons of websites are out on the Internet such as StumbleUpon, Dribbble, Pocket, Digg, Reddit, etc where you need to sign up manually, complete your profile and finally insert the link to your blog or website and let them do verification and all.

As soon as you stand for approval, you will get listed on their respective websites and gain a backlink and referral traffic for free.

10. Ping or Email approach
Ping method is the toughest way to produce quality backlinks, this method is none like other methods and the chances of getting backlinks is very less.

In order to implement this approach, you need to make a proper research on your website competitors, select a few high authority sites related to your niche and collect all of their Email addresses.

Now, send an email to all of them requesting for exchanging backlinks or any other proposal regarding backlinks. Now, if some of them reply you back then you will surely get the lin back from his site. But, if they don’t reply you back within 2 or 3 days then you probably missed a shot.

So, it is up to you how you can convince your competitors. Here is the complete guide created by Semrush blog to gain backlinks using a simple email.

11. Host a Blog Template
If you are up to getting bulk of backlinks with just a little investment, then hosting a blog template is the best option you have got.

In order to host a template, you may need to contact web designers or template creators and offer them your sponsorship.

Now, if they agree with your terms and conditions then they will surely do business with you and that is how you will earn thousands of backlinks with just a little investment.

Most engaging contents are linkable and often linked back in other blog posts.

So, always focus on creating quality, informative and most engaging contents for your readers so that it can benefit them and other bloggers may link back your content in their own blog posts for explaining the core of the content.

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