10 Ways Webmaster tools can help your Blog to drive More Traffic

If you have started a new blog, but not yet signed up on popular Webmaster tools then you are making a bigger mistake.

search console traffic blog

You would be unhappy to know that you are leaving quality traffic, and reputation behind the table. The only way to correct all of your mistakes is to register on popular search engines and submit a sitemap of your site so that you can start appearing on the search engine results.

If you have not signed up for Webmaster tools yet, then here is the complete guide:

After signing up on webmaster tools, you’ll need submit a sitemap file, and within a few days search bots will crawl and index your blog Urls and then your site will:

  • Your site will appear in the search results
  • You’ll be able to monitor your search traffic report
  • You may check existing and new backlinks
  • Analyze and fix crawling, indexing and other related warnings and errors.

Below are the major benefits for using Webmaster tools.

10 Best ways Webmaster tools can help your blog get more traffic

1. Let Google Crawl and Index your blog posts
The primary task of the search engine is to crawl and index all the links of your site.

So, in order to let them do that, you need to submit a sitemap file of your blog so that search bots can process and start the crawl and indexing process!

sitemap crawl index

In this way, search bots will index all of your blog URL’s one by one and your blog posts will start appearing in search results.

2. Get the traffic report of your property

Webmaster tools enable users to analyze your search performance on search results.

With their analytics tool, you can better understand your visitor’s search pattern for driving more traffic to your site.

search console traffic report

You can also check how much traffic you are getting from search results, queries, pages, devices, visitors by country, estimated impressions, average position, etc using the search analytics tool.

3. Fix all of your blog related issues

Checking and fixing all the warnings and errors related to your blog, allows your site to stay SEO-friendly and rank higher in search results.

Fixing all the blog related issues include, site errors, URL errors, Desktop and Smartphone errors and server errors.

crawling issues

Although, you are allowed to check up to 1,000 pages with errors directly from your dashboard.

4. Check your existing Backlinks

I think you already know that what are backlink is and how it works, right?

Well, using the Webmaster tools, you can analyze all those domain names which are linked with your site.

blog backlinks check

You can also check how many backlinks you have accumulated from different domains, your internal links, etc from the Search Traffic tab in the Search Console.

5. Remove Bad Backlinks

Removing bad backlinks is a must perform a task for bloggers to stay away from Google penalty and keep ranking in the search results.

Disavow tool is the only best tool to remove backlinks from any blog or website. But, eliminating those bad links using the disavow tool can be a bit tricky!

removing backlinks using disavow tool

So, if you want to eliminate those backlinks then follow the guide.

6. Implement Data highlighter
Data highlighter is the only tool to improve your look in search results. It is a new alternative to webmaster markup for helping Google search engine understand your site data.

data highlighting

Using this tool, you can also enable individual users to rate and review your contents on search results.

7. Get Started with AMP

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP), are those pages which load super-fast on mobile devices only.

accelerated mobile pages

In order to make your blog AMP-friendly, you need to follow the AMP HTML specification to create your first valid AMP pages and then you can analyze all the AMP related errors and warnings right from your search console account under the search appearance tab > Amp pages.

8. Use rich cards feature

If your site is about events, products, books, movies, or jobs posting related topics then using the rick card feature you can improve your search appearance and increase traffic.

using rich cards

Rich card feature improves your look and design in the search results. Anyone having webmaster tools access can implement this feature on his site.

9. Analyze and fix HTML improvements

Analyzing HTML improvements on your site using the search console is very simple. You can always find the HTML improvements related errors, right from search console account under search appearance > HTML improvements.

Generally, HTML errors include duplicate meta descriptions, long meta descriptions, short meta descriptions, title tag and non-indexable contents.

html related errors

So, always check out this sections twice in a month to fix all the errors right away, you see it.

10. Remove Index URL’s

Due to any reason, if you want to remove your blog post from Google search then this tool can help you out!

remove index pages

Using the Remove Index URL’s tool under the Webmaster tools, you can temporarily or permanently hide any individual URL from appearing in the search result pages.


If you have never used these features, then you must go now and try it on so that you can improve your appearance in search results.

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