10 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid and Fix Errors

Making silly mistakes and errors during your blogging journey is obvious.

common blogging Mistakes Avoid

But, the main thing is that you must learn a lesson from each of your mistakes and errors. Even I have been through the same stuff at the beginning period as I am a self-taught blogger.

But, now as I became an expert in it, I have created a list of such mistakes and errors that you must avoid while blogging.

And I am going to share such list with you today in this post. This post is going to be quite long, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading!

10 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

1. Never copy others blog postsWhile getting started with a new blog, you might have copied some of the contents of other blogs, right? Well, if you are doing it, then let me warn you! You might get into serious trouble because of such copy paste work. Nowadays, many sites have adopted copyright protection for their contents, and if you get caught copy-pasting somehow, then they will merely strike against you, and even you may get penalized by Google. On the other hand, you will never rank higher on the search engines with the copy paste stuff. Because a blog is already listing for that particular articles and remember, that search bots are more intelligent than you, so the bots will never give more importance to your post. Hence, no traffic to your site. 2. Implement page break in all of your posts If you’re using the popular blogger platform, then you might have noticed that in some blogs the posts having same labels does not show up in the main posts gadget on the homepage and in such blogs, the posts show up the whole contents, which makes your site look improper and unattractive. Do you know why such problem occurs? It only happens if you don’t insert the jump Break feature in your contents. In simple, if you don’t implement page break after the first paragraph, this issues won’t solve. The page break option located above the blogger post editor. 3. Single niche is always profitableIf your website is about an individual topic, then you are likely to get more traffic on a unique niche, comparison to general niche blogs. Another benefit of having a single niche is that you don’t need to cover a vast variety of topics to write and publish. Instead, you can quickly conceal and write more about a single niche and build authority. I have literally seen many blogs adopting general niche, but can’t cover up topics that peoples are looking for and as a result, peoples start leaving those site and never visit again due to insufficient information on such sites. Another disadvantage of having a general blog is that they cannot produce the quality piece of contents only because they have to cover the whole niche. So, while starting a new site, try to consider using specific niche about a topic, rather than choosing a general niche. 4. Always check for Webmaster tools errorsIf you have an online property, then you might have submitted your site to the Search Console, right? Read:

Although, having a webmaster account outcomes authority and responsibility. So, you’ll need to check and keep updated all the warnings and errors related to your site on a regular basis. Fixing such errors will allow your site to stay healthy and SEO-friendly to keep ranking higher on the search results. 5. Never change the published posts URL after Google index it During the beginning period of my blogging career, I had performed many stupid mistakes and choosing non-SEO optimized URL’s was one of those mistakes. Actually, at that period, I had published more than ten blog posts with Non-SEO URLs, and by mistakenly I let those links indexed by Google crawlers. Later on, when I got to know about that, I went up online and changed those links to SEO-friendly ones. And that’s how I have made another mistake. Do you know, how? If we change the indexed posts URL, then it will inevitably affect our search ranking. You know, why? Only because, the old URL is already ranking in the search queries. So if we change it, all those clicks from search results will be redirected to a 404 error page. So, you should always consider using SEO optimized URLs in all of your blog posts from the beginning of launching a new blog. SEO optimized links do not contain a, an, the, is, was, in, if, etc. and only contains target keywords. And do not repeat my mistake, again! 6. Use mobile-friendly templateUsing a mobile friendly theme is a must perform the task for every blogger. Nowadays, 80% of Internet users surf the Internet via smartphones, so the chances of getting huge traffic via mobile phone are higher. And consider using premium responsive templates, rather than using free ones. 7. Be extremely careful while applying to AdsenseI think you already know more about Adsense, right? The Adsense programme allows publishers to monetize their quality websites by placing ads and make money in return. I have seen many bloggers apply to Adsense without fulfilling their requirements, and as a result, their applications get rejected. Read the official Adsense terms and conditions for publishers.
So, don’t perform such stupid mistakes! Always, apply to Adsense after fulfilling their requirements first, or else your application will keep getting rejected. Read:

8. Never generate backlinks from spam sitesI think you already know about backlinks and how it works, right? Generating backlinks is one of the easiest ways to rank higher in search results, there are no doubts about it. Although, backlinks made via spam sites can negatively affect the SEO of your blog, and even Google may penalize you! With the new algorithm update, link building process is now officially banned by the Google. So, if you have made any mistake like this then don’t worry! Just remove such spam links using the disavow tool and keep ranking higher. Read: How to remove bad backlinks using the Disavow Tool. 9. Regularly reply to all your blog post commentsDid you know the easiest way to increase engagement on your site? Well, it is blog commenting method! If you have been ignoring such comments, then trust me, you are leaving your reputation and authority on the table! By replying to all of your posts comments, you can naturally grow the user’s engagement on your site. So, try to reply to all those pending comments on your site and increase users engagements and satisfy your audience need. 10. Use Niche related custom domain names Having a niche pertaining custom domain name provides many advantages, such as:

  • Build authority within your niche.
  • Get specific topics based traffic.
  • Gain targeted visitors and increase search presence.

A non-relevant domain name will never provide you with such benefits; instead, you’ll need to work harder to achieve all those pros. After purchasing the suitable domain name, integrate it on your site.

ConclusionThese all are the silly mistakes and errors that every blogger must avoid to become a successful blogger. In the upcoming days, I will add up more mistakes, warning, and errors. Till, then let me know if you faced any other errors, in the comment box below! At last, here are a few handpick contents you should consider reading up next.

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