Removing Google indexed URLs from search results can be a bit tricky!

remove urls google bing search

The reasons could be many to remove such URLs temporarily or permanently from search engine result pages. But, there are certain ways you can perform to hide those URLs of yours from result pages.

So, in this content, I’ll show you the exact step by step guide to hiding your indexed links from search results, but before we begin, you might want to know how this removal process works, right?

So, let’s know how the method works!

How does URL removal process work?

For removing such URLs of your site, you will need to have access to the search console property.

With the Webmaster tools, you will be able to temporarily remove any indexed links associated with your site and later, you can erase the source code of the page to eliminate it permanently.

You can also block such links from indexing by using the Robot.txt file. Once you’ve implemented the data on the webmaster tools and in your blog, you will notice that the robot.txt file started to block search URLs from getting indexed by search bots and you can directly monitor all the crawling and indexing related errors from your dashboard.

In case, if you see some of the error pages that no longer exist, but still appearing in the search results and you don’t have access to remove them. Then, you can use another “Remove Outdated Content URL tool” to remove effects by submitting a request.

Remove URLs from Google Search Results

1. Login to your Search Console account and open the dashboard.

2. Click on remove URLs under Google Index and then Remove URLs section.

Remove urls Google

3. Click on temporarily hide and enter the link of the post that you want to remove and press on continue.

hide urls Google search
4. Now, you’ll need to choose the request type. Choose “Temporarily hide pages from search results and remove from Cache” and click on submit.

Remove links Google search result

A successful URL removal request lasts only about 90 days. After the period, the link of the post can reappear in the search results.

So, to permanently remove a link, you will need to remove and update the source URL. Just log in to your blogging platform, find the content connected with the URL and delete the post.

In this way, the URL will get removed from the Google search results.

Remove URLs from Bing and Yahoo Search Results

We all know Bing and Yahoo search engine has a single webmaster tool and that Bing Webmaster tool. So, now let’s understand, how we can remove URLs from Bing search results.

1. Login to your Bing Webmaster account, open your dashboard.

2. Go to Configure my Site and click on Block URLs.

Remove URLs Bing

3. Select the URL type as a page, paste the link of the content that you want to remove and click on Block URLs and Cache.

eliminate URLs Bing search

The submitted URL will get blocked for 90 days, and you can extend the period at the end of the 90 days term.

Undoing a removal request

If you wish to cancel the 90 days blocked URLs from search results, you can visit the URL removal page of the both Google and Bing webmaster tool and click on reinclude or cancel next to a successful request.

undo url removal request
Undoing removal request

The request may take a few days to process so you will need to stay calm and wait for the tool undoing of removal request.

Remove any outdated content URL from Google search results

If you see any search result that you do not own, and the URL no longer exists, then you can use this to eliminate such URLs from search results.

Note: This request only works for pages that already been moved or removed from the Web.

1. Make a Google search for the Outdated Content URL removal tool and open the first result.

2. Copy the former URL address from the Google search result, paste on the request box and press on the Request removal.

Remove outdated URL Google search

3. Now, the tool will analyze the given URL and display “this content no longer live on the website,” click on the Request removal.

exclude outdated URL Google search

You will get notified about the status of your request once they start processing your request.

Remove outdated content URL from Bing and Yahoo search results

1. Make a Bing search and open the Bing content removal tool.

2. Copy the expired URL from the Bing search results and paste it into the Content URL box. Select Removal type as Remove page, and click on submit.

eliminate outdated URL Bing search

That’s it! You’ve successfully submitted a Bing outdated content removal request, and it will get removed as soon as Bing crawlers process it.


Now that you have learned all the necessary steps to remove any URLs from any search engine result pages, even if you don’t own the content.

Stick to their guidelines for successfully removing such links temporarily and later delete the post if you no longer want the post to appear on the search engines after given 90 days period.

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