SEO Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

SEO Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

seo hacks

Search engine optimization can make the difference between a successful online business and one struggling to survive. Done right, it places your website at the top of search results, increasing the amount of traffic coming your way. It is, without any doubt, one of the most effective and easy-to-implement online marketing strategies.

If you are planning on optimizing your website for search engines, there are a few hacks you should know. Keep in mind that everyone is doing SEO, so you need to be one step ahead of the competition.

Here is a list of SEO hacks you wish you knew earlier brought to you by First Page Advantage, guaranteed to bring the much-desired success in the online world!

1. Free SEO tools are quite useful
Ignoring free SEO tools is one of the biggest mistakes you could be making. After all, they do not cost anything and you can really get a lot done with their help. Think about Google Analytics, which allows you to monitor acquisition reports, as well as search queries and landing pages. Other useful resources include Google Webmaster Tools, SEMRush and Yoast.

2. Timeless content counts
We all want to have great content on our websites. But did you ever stop to wonder for how long visitors will maintain their interest in the said content? You need to educate yourself and write the kind of content that will stand the test of time. Always provide useful information, backed by studies, in a follow that is easy to follow. Repurpose the content whenever possible, reporting it to the current audience.

3. Use videos to keep the audience engaged
The truth is that the majority of Internet users are quite drawn to video content. Do not be afraid to use videos and keep your prospective audience engaged, looking forward to finding more content of this kind. It is also important to know that videos can actually improve rankings and increase the return traffic, as people might link your website to theirs through these. 

4. Check 404 pages
If you have links on your website that send the Internet user to a 404 page, your ranking might suffer. You can use SEO tools, such as Google Search Console and identify such URLs in an instant. Externally-linked pages should be fixed so that they do not have a negative impact on the link authority. You can see from where these are linked and solve the matter right away.

5. Backlinks through referral traffic monitoring 
Referral traffic is something almost all websites receive if not all. By monitoring this traffic, you can actually find some pretty interesting link opportunities. Do not hesitate to reach to those who have shared your posts, discovering thus a potential for backlinks. This is a great way to gain exposure and take your website to the next level.

These are just several of the many SEO hacks you can consider for your website. The most important thing is to set yourself apart from the competition, taking the road less traveled and searching for the right opportunities to drive more traffic to your website. 

How to Remove any URLs from Google and Bing Search results

How to Remove any URLs from Google and Bing Search results

Removing Google indexed URLs from search results can be a bit tricky!

remove urls google bing search

The reasons could be many to remove such URLs temporarily or permanently from search engine result pages. But, there are certain ways you can perform to hide those URLs of yours from result pages.

So, in this content, I’ll show you the exact step by step guide to hiding your indexed links from search results, but before we begin, you might want to know how this removal process works, right?

So, let’s know how the method works!

How does URL removal process work?

For removing such URLs of your site, you will need to have access to the search console property.

With the Webmaster tools, you will be able to temporarily remove any indexed links associated with your site and later, you can erase the source code of the page to eliminate it permanently.

You can also block such links from indexing by using the Robot.txt file. Once you’ve implemented the data on the webmaster tools and in your blog, you will notice that the robot.txt file started to block search URLs from getting indexed by search bots and you can directly monitor all the crawling and indexing related errors from your dashboard.

In case, if you see some of the error pages that no longer exist, but still appearing in the search results and you don’t have access to remove them. Then, you can use another “Remove Outdated Content URL tool” to remove effects by submitting a request.

Remove URLs from Google Search Results

1. Login to your Search Console account and open the dashboard.

2. Click on remove URLs under Google Index and then Remove URLs section.

Remove urls Google

3. Click on temporarily hide and enter the link of the post that you want to remove and press on continue.

hide urls Google search
4. Now, you’ll need to choose the request type. Choose “Temporarily hide pages from search results and remove from Cache” and click on submit.

Remove links Google search result

A successful URL removal request lasts only about 90 days. After the period, the link of the post can reappear in the search results.

So, to permanently remove a link, you will need to remove and update the source URL. Just log in to your blogging platform, find the content connected with the URL and delete the post.

In this way, the URL will get removed from the Google search results.

Remove URLs from Bing and Yahoo Search Results

We all know Bing and Yahoo search engine has a single webmaster tool and that Bing Webmaster tool. So, now let’s understand, how we can remove URLs from Bing search results.

1. Login to your Bing Webmaster account, open your dashboard.

2. Go to Configure my Site and click on Block URLs.

Remove URLs Bing

3. Select the URL type as a page, paste the link of the content that you want to remove and click on Block URLs and Cache.

eliminate URLs Bing search

The submitted URL will get blocked for 90 days, and you can extend the period at the end of the 90 days term.

Undoing a removal request

If you wish to cancel the 90 days blocked URLs from search results, you can visit the URL removal page of the both Google and Bing webmaster tool and click on reinclude or cancel next to a successful request.

undo url removal request
Undoing removal request

The request may take a few days to process so you will need to stay calm and wait for the tool undoing of removal request.

Remove any outdated content URL from Google search results

If you see any search result that you do not own, and the URL no longer exists, then you can use this to eliminate such URLs from search results.

Note: This request only works for pages that already been moved or removed from the Web.

1. Make a Google search for the Outdated Content URL removal tool and open the first result.

2. Copy the former URL address from the Google search result, paste on the request box and press on the Request removal.

Remove outdated URL Google search

3. Now, the tool will analyze the given URL and display “this content no longer live on the website,” click on the Request removal.

exclude outdated URL Google search

You will get notified about the status of your request once they start processing your request.

Remove outdated content URL from Bing and Yahoo search results

1. Make a Bing search and open the Bing content removal tool.

2. Copy the expired URL from the Bing search results and paste it into the Content URL box. Select Removal type as Remove page, and click on submit.

eliminate outdated URL Bing search

That’s it! You’ve successfully submitted a Bing outdated content removal request, and it will get removed as soon as Bing crawlers process it.


Now that you have learned all the necessary steps to remove any URLs from any search engine result pages, even if you don’t own the content.

Stick to their guidelines for successfully removing such links temporarily and later delete the post if you no longer want the post to appear on the search engines after given 90 days period.

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6 Proven ways to increase alexa ranking of a blog website

6 Proven ways to increase alexa ranking of a blog website

Alexa is a high ranking tool that allows publishers to measure the popularity of their sites locally and worldwide.

grow rank alexa blog website

If you are trying harder to grow your Alexa ranking, but nothing is working! Then you must read this post till the end to understand the ranking concept.

In this post, I am going to share the Six proven methods to boost the Alexa rank of your site. But before we begin, don’t you want to know, how this Alexa ranking tool works in real life.

How is Alexa Rank Calculated?

The Alexa tool estimates the highest combination of pageviews + visitors + backlinks from related blogs of every site to rank those particular sites.
According to Alexa Blog, “Alexa tool estimates the average visitors and pageviews to every site over the past three months.” That means, every site must need at least three months to improve your present ranking score or if you have fixed bugs, then also it will take the same period globally and in a precisely targeted country. So, that means Alexa ranking doesn’t increase by overnight; it merely consumes the same 90 days term and a lot of efforts! Although, if you never have signed up on Alexa and not used their paid plans then, remember, it will display the result by estimating them. So, we can’t precisely say the free Alexa ranking tool is not accurate, right? However, you’ll need to purchase one of their paid plans and sign up to get the final Alexa rank and certify your property. After gaining access to the paid Alexa tools, you’ll need to integrate your Google Analytics account to verify your site and improve your present ranking.

Proven ways to improve your Alexa ranking

1. Produce engaging contents
Writing and publishing informative and engaging contents should be your primary purpose. Such type of engaging posts attracts the visitor’s attention and converts them into clients or customers. The story-telling method is the best examples of producing a unique and most engaging piece of content.

Read: Powerful Ways to Improve Readers Engagement on your Blog.

You can also make internal linking to your older posts to provide useful information and keep them busy reading your blog. In this way, the bounce rate will decrease, and you’ll accumulate enough pageviews to improve your present ranking. 2. Gain quality backlinks from related sitesWe all know, gaining backlinks from authority site improves overall ranking of a website and also increases the domain authority and page authority.

Read: What are Backlinks and Why are they Important?

Whenever you check the Alexa ranking of your site, you might have noticed in the conclusion area; they explain how many top-level domains linked with your website. And they also suggest some of the similar domain names and tell you to gain a quality link from those sites improve your current Alexa ranking position.

So, if you follow their suggested competitors and gain links, then you’ll be able to change your present rank and make it insanely grow. Practice producing a linkable high-quality piece of content. Trust me, its a better way. 3. Fix SEO related issuesFixing all those search engine optimization related issues must be the first and foremost task for every blogger. Identifying and fixing such errors and warnings can influence the outcome with great benefits. To determine such failures, you can directly monitor your site performance on the Webmaster tools dashboard and fix all the crawling, indexing and other related issues.

crawling errors warning

Or you can move on to best SEO Tools such as Moz, Semrush and get a detailed analysis report of your site. 4. Set targeted country on the Search ConsoleWhenever we sign up on Google Webmaster tools some of us might not have noticed aware of selecting target country feature. The targeted country option allows users to select an individual country for ranking. By doing this, your blog will start appearing in the search results of the country you have chosen.

Note: As we mentioned earlier, the Alexa tool will consume at least three months to update your changes. So, if you change your present target country, then it will take the same 90 days term to re-update the changes you’ve made.

Like you can see in the image below.

international targeting

I have set my targeted country to India, so my blog mostly ranks in the separate region of India and Globally as well. The targeted country option is situated under the search traffic section and then International targeting. 5. Find high traffic keywords within your nicheIncluding high traffic volume keywords in your blog post is a most comfortable way to rank top of search results without many efforts. Practice using keyword research tools such as Moz Keyword Explorer and Google search suggests to find out the highest traffic gaining keywords with fewer competitors implement them in your post titles.

keyword research tool

In this way, your site will often appear on the search results, get more clicks and traffic and, as a result, your actual Alexa rank will start rising. 6. Update your contents from time to timeAs the time passes, many of our older posts become outdated and need improvement, so we have to keep those articles updated from time to time. Updating contents regularly bring back the quality and keep your visitors engaging on your site. By doing so, you’ll obtain maximum engagement, and as a result, the bounce decreases and your Alexa rank increases as well.

Take a look at the Infographics:

increase grow alexa rank
Like this infographics? Embed to your blog for free!

How to know if your Alexa rank improved?

You can easily download and enable the Alexa chrome extension on your Google Chrome browser to get notified whenever your rank improves.

By installing Alexa extension to the toolbar of your browser, you’ll be able to check the live rank of your blog and even any site whenever you want. Or you can consider implementing an Alexa rank showing gadget in the footer area of the blog and, it will display the current Alexa rank to your readers including you as well.

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

After implementing the above methods, soon within a few days, you’ll notice the changes. Make sure to check your Alexa rank twice or thrice in a month to easily track new changes.

Have you tried some of the above-given methods? Feel free to share your results in the comment box below.

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10 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid and Fix Errors

10 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid and Fix Errors

Making silly mistakes and errors during your blogging journey is obvious.

common blogging Mistakes Avoid

But, the main thing is that you must learn a lesson from each of your mistakes and errors. Even I have been through the same stuff at the beginning period as I am a self-taught blogger.

But, now as I became an expert in it, I have created a list of such mistakes and errors that you must avoid while blogging.

And I am going to share such list with you today in this post. This post is going to be quite long, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading!

10 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

1. Never copy others blog postsWhile getting started with a new blog, you might have copied some of the contents of other blogs, right? Well, if you are doing it, then let me warn you! You might get into serious trouble because of such copy paste work. Nowadays, many sites have adopted copyright protection for their contents, and if you get caught copy-pasting somehow, then they will merely strike against you, and even you may get penalized by Google. On the other hand, you will never rank higher on the search engines with the copy paste stuff. Because a blog is already listing for that particular articles and remember, that search bots are more intelligent than you, so the bots will never give more importance to your post. Hence, no traffic to your site. 2. Implement page break in all of your posts If you’re using the popular blogger platform, then you might have noticed that in some blogs the posts having same labels does not show up in the main posts gadget on the homepage and in such blogs, the posts show up the whole contents, which makes your site look improper and unattractive. Do you know why such problem occurs? It only happens if you don’t insert the jump Break feature in your contents. In simple, if you don’t implement page break after the first paragraph, this issues won’t solve. The page break option located above the blogger post editor. 3. Single niche is always profitableIf your website is about an individual topic, then you are likely to get more traffic on a unique niche, comparison to general niche blogs. Another benefit of having a single niche is that you don’t need to cover a vast variety of topics to write and publish. Instead, you can quickly conceal and write more about a single niche and build authority. I have literally seen many blogs adopting general niche, but can’t cover up topics that peoples are looking for and as a result, peoples start leaving those site and never visit again due to insufficient information on such sites. Another disadvantage of having a general blog is that they cannot produce the quality piece of contents only because they have to cover the whole niche. So, while starting a new site, try to consider using specific niche about a topic, rather than choosing a general niche. 4. Always check for Webmaster tools errorsIf you have an online property, then you might have submitted your site to the Search Console, right? Read:

Although, having a webmaster account outcomes authority and responsibility. So, you’ll need to check and keep updated all the warnings and errors related to your site on a regular basis. Fixing such errors will allow your site to stay healthy and SEO-friendly to keep ranking higher on the search results. 5. Never change the published posts URL after Google index it During the beginning period of my blogging career, I had performed many stupid mistakes and choosing non-SEO optimized URL’s was one of those mistakes. Actually, at that period, I had published more than ten blog posts with Non-SEO URLs, and by mistakenly I let those links indexed by Google crawlers. Later on, when I got to know about that, I went up online and changed those links to SEO-friendly ones. And that’s how I have made another mistake. Do you know, how? If we change the indexed posts URL, then it will inevitably affect our search ranking. You know, why? Only because, the old URL is already ranking in the search queries. So if we change it, all those clicks from search results will be redirected to a 404 error page. So, you should always consider using SEO optimized URLs in all of your blog posts from the beginning of launching a new blog. SEO optimized links do not contain a, an, the, is, was, in, if, etc. and only contains target keywords. And do not repeat my mistake, again! 6. Use mobile-friendly templateUsing a mobile friendly theme is a must perform the task for every blogger. Nowadays, 80% of Internet users surf the Internet via smartphones, so the chances of getting huge traffic via mobile phone are higher. And consider using premium responsive templates, rather than using free ones. 7. Be extremely careful while applying to AdsenseI think you already know more about Adsense, right? The Adsense programme allows publishers to monetize their quality websites by placing ads and make money in return. I have seen many bloggers apply to Adsense without fulfilling their requirements, and as a result, their applications get rejected. Read the official Adsense terms and conditions for publishers.
So, don’t perform such stupid mistakes! Always, apply to Adsense after fulfilling their requirements first, or else your application will keep getting rejected. Read:

8. Never generate backlinks from spam sitesI think you already know about backlinks and how it works, right? Generating backlinks is one of the easiest ways to rank higher in search results, there are no doubts about it. Although, backlinks made via spam sites can negatively affect the SEO of your blog, and even Google may penalize you! With the new algorithm update, link building process is now officially banned by the Google. So, if you have made any mistake like this then don’t worry! Just remove such spam links using the disavow tool and keep ranking higher. Read: How to remove bad backlinks using the Disavow Tool. 9. Regularly reply to all your blog post commentsDid you know the easiest way to increase engagement on your site? Well, it is blog commenting method! If you have been ignoring such comments, then trust me, you are leaving your reputation and authority on the table! By replying to all of your posts comments, you can naturally grow the user’s engagement on your site. So, try to reply to all those pending comments on your site and increase users engagements and satisfy your audience need. 10. Use Niche related custom domain names Having a niche pertaining custom domain name provides many advantages, such as:

  • Build authority within your niche.
  • Get specific topics based traffic.
  • Gain targeted visitors and increase search presence.

A non-relevant domain name will never provide you with such benefits; instead, you’ll need to work harder to achieve all those pros. After purchasing the suitable domain name, integrate it on your site.

ConclusionThese all are the silly mistakes and errors that every blogger must avoid to become a successful blogger. In the upcoming days, I will add up more mistakes, warning, and errors. Till, then let me know if you faced any other errors, in the comment box below! At last, here are a few handpick contents you should consider reading up next.

How to Buy Facebook Followers to Increase

How to Buy Facebook Followers to Increase

It is the dream of every social media user to increase their followers instantly without many efforts.

buy facebook followers

I have seen many bloggers facing the issue of lack of followers on their Facebook and Instagram pages, nowadays. Even I had encountered the same problem, but somehow I found the solution with just a little investment.

So, I don’t have to worry about it, anymore!

And in this post, I am going to reveal that cure, like how you can boost your followers on popular social media sites with a little investment.

How do I buy Facebook followers?

Finally, you would be happy to know the solution is the best social media marketing service, provider.

There are specific legitimate social networking service provider sites out on the Internet, and BuyFok website is one of them. And it is one of the best websites to buy facebook followers at a low price.

With their premium services, you can gain high-quality non-dropable followers from real peoples around the globe. And the best part about it is that there will be no harm to your facebook account using their services, you can choose from their different plans according to your choice.

How can I buy Facebook Followers From Buyfok?

NOTE: Make sure your privacy “who can follow you” is everyone.

To buy followers, you will need to go to their site and select amounts of Followers.

1. Enter your Facebook Profile Link or ID or Username. To get your profile link, open your facebook profile, and copy the URL.

paid facebook follower

2. Move to the followers buying page, select the price and enter your profile URL and click on add to cart.

get facebook followers

3. Click checkout, enter any coupon code if you have and again press on checkout, pay the price and you’re done.

gain fb followers

Why should I buy followers for Facebook from Buyfok?

As I told earlier, that they provide high-quality FB followers, which you will receive will be the real people. They don’t send followers from fake accounts or bots accounts. The followers you will get will be facebook user like you and me.

And the most exciting part about them is that they allow 30 Days Auto Refill + Lifetime Manual Refill Guarantee with every plan you subscribe. That means some user can unfollow willingly, so for this problem they’ll provide you with 30 days auto-refill + lifetime manual refill guarantee. So if followers decrease, you can contact them anytime to get the followers to refill.

How can I contact them?

You can quickly reach to them anytime, from anywhere just by using their Whatsapp contact number given on the official website of their contact page.

Do they provide any other services than Facebook?

Yes, of course! They do provide other services than Facebook, such as Instagram, Twitter, and the YouTube. And buying all those services is almost the same as buying Facebook followers that I mentioned above.

Why are they better than others?

They have personalized customer care support system that assists you 24 hours a day, and seven days a week to answer any questions you may have!

They currently accept secure payment through PayPal. Thus they’re the most secure payment processing company on the Internet, and they have a complete SSL encryption certificate on their site so that all of your information stays encrypted and safe.


At last, I want to let you know that the more likes and followers you have on your social media pages, the peoples are likely going to engage with posts and that’s how you will gain more referral traffic from popular social networking sites.

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