Setting up GoDaddy Custom Domain Name on Blogger

Setting up GoDaddy Custom Domain Name on Blogger

If you are done using Blogspot subdomain, then now, it is time to integrate custom domain name to your blog on blogger platform.

custom domain name blogger

There are many trusted domain name registering sites available nowadays, and GoDaddy is one of them.

You can get your first domain name at a very low price from GoDaddy by using promo codes. After purchasing your domain name, it is time to connect the domain with your site.

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How to Integrate Custom Domain Name on Blogger

1. After getting the domain name, log in to your blogger account and go to the dashboard.

2. In your dashboard, click on Settings, and then open the basic page.

add domain name blogger

3. In the basic page, click on +Setup a third-party URL for your blog, under publishing header.

insert domain blogger

4. Enter your new domain name including, “www,” for example, “,” is an exact format.

5. After adding the domain, choose ‘no,’ if you want your site to hosted by the Google itself, or select ‘yes’, if you have a hosting plan and then press the save button.

Integrate domain name blog

Note: In my case, I am going to let Google host my site as because it is free for lifetime period and the server uptime is 100%

6. In the third party domain settings header, you will see an error. Don’t worry, it is obvious. Now, we need to fix the error, so minimize this page.

configure custom domain name

7. Open your GoDaddy account, and go to my products.

insert domain blogspot

8. Choose the domain you want to configure and click on DNS to make entries.

setup domain on blogger

You can watch this video to know more about DNS management.

9. Open the minimized third-party domain settings page, and now you will need to make to two CNAME entries on the DNS. Select CNAME in the type section, add ‘www‘ in the host section, again insert ‘‘ in the points to section and let TTL remain in 1 hour and then click on save.

adding blogger domain name

10. Now, open the blogger minimized page, and copy the second CNAME entry and paste it on the DNS manager, again.

domain name blogger

11. Wait, it’s not done, yet. Now, you will need to make 3 additional entries of these numbers by selecting A as CNAME.
domain custom blogger add

12. After filling all the necessary fields, go back to the blogger settings page, and press save.

setting up domain blogger

Congrats! It is done.

Now, you’ll need to wait for a while to let the domain connect with your site. Till then, open your blog, keep refreshing and soon you see, that the new domain is linked with your site.

How to enable HTTPS on blogger custom domain

After connecting the domain to your site, you have the option to enable the HTTPS encrypted protocol on your blog and show SSL Certificate free.

So, why not to use the feature for free?

If you unaware of SSL, then take a look at this video to know more about SSL Certificate.

1. In your dashboard, click on settings and open the basic page.

enable ssl blogger

2. Under the HTTPS header, click ‘Yes’ on the HTTPS availability option.

https enable custom domain

3. Wait for few moments to allow visitors to view your blog over an encrypted connection.

ssl certificate blogger

4. Now, click on ‘yes’ under the HTTPS Redirect header, to let your visitors redirect to the secured connection while serving over HTTP.

enable https secure protocol

Congrats! You’ve successfully enabled secured connection on your site over the custom domain.


After configuring the custom domain name with blogger, you will need to resubmit your site on popular webmaster tools to let search engines crawl and index the new URL’s associated with your blog.

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    How to Get Free Likes and Followers on Social Media

    How to Get Free Likes and Followers on Social Media

    Getting free followers and likes on social media platforms has become easier, nowadays.

    get unlimited likes

    There are thousands of alternative sites are out there that claims to provide you with free followers, but the truth is that most of them are just a scam.

    So, you need to be clever enough to find out those legitimate sites among all other sites, so to make you work easier, we have done enough research and finally found one of those legit sites from where you can get free likes on uploads, followers and many more.

    Here in this content, I will show you how you can increase likes and followers on your profile using the Wefbee auto follower tool. But before we begin, I want to let you know some of the important stuff mentioned below.

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    Is it secured to use their follower’s tool?
    Wefbee is one of the most popular websites for getting free likes and there is no doubt that.

    It is fully secured and always will be for everyone. And the best part about it is that they will never spam your account, that means that they will never post anything on your behalf and you can rest assured as they will never misuse your account.

    How this tool works and is it free?

    Of course, their tool is free for lifetime and there are no minimum limits for getting likes using your account. And this tool is like an exchange program, where they will use your account to send followers to other profiles, and in return, they will use other profile accounts to send followers back to you. Using their tool, you will get free facebook auto followers to your profile uploads.

    How to Get free followers on Social Media

    Before you begin, log in to your Facebook profile and enable followers option on your account and make Who can comment on your public posts?” to “Public”. And make sure that your “Post privacy” is set to “Public”.

    Now that you have known how this stuff works, it is time to learn how to gain the free likes.

    1. On your browser, go to Wefbee website and click on it to open the site
    or you can download the Wefbee application for Android & iOS free.

    2. Now, scroll down and click on auto followers and hit the Generate Access Token button.

    free follower

    3. Enter your login email or phone number and password and click on Generate Access Token.

    gain followers

    4. Copy the token code and paste it below in the token box and click on Login and verify the captcha code.

    grow followers

    Now, you are finally logged into their tool, now you will be provided with some of the buttons such as auto liker, reaction, follower, and auto friend requester and click on one of them.

    5. Now, scroll down, copy your user ID and paste the copied ID and click on Use Auto followers and wait for few minutes.

    increase fb followers

    Congratulations, now you will be rewarded with the real follower for free, just open your account and check that out. Although, if you are finding difficulties to use this tool, then you can watch the below video for getting started.


    In this way, you can easily get up to thousands of free followers and likes using this tool. After using their tools, you will need to wait for at least 10 – 15 minutes for next submit.

    Still, if you find any difficulties while using their tool, then just hit the Report Problem tab, in pages section to elaborate them the problems you are getting.

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    10 Ways Webmaster tools can help your Blog to drive More Traffic

    10 Ways Webmaster tools can help your Blog to drive More Traffic

    If you have started a new blog, but not yet signed up on popular Webmaster tools then you are making a bigger mistake.

    search console traffic blog

    You would be unhappy to know that you are leaving quality traffic, and reputation behind the table. The only way to correct all of your mistakes is to register on popular search engines and submit a sitemap of your site so that you can start appearing on the search engine results.

    If you have not signed up for Webmaster tools yet, then here is the complete guide:

    After signing up on webmaster tools, you’ll need submit a sitemap file, and within a few days search bots will crawl and index your blog Urls and then your site will:

    • Your site will appear in the search results
    • You’ll be able to monitor your search traffic report
    • You may check existing and new backlinks
    • Analyze and fix crawling, indexing and other related warnings and errors.

    Below are the major benefits for using Webmaster tools.

    10 Best ways Webmaster tools can help your blog get more traffic

    1. Let Google Crawl and Index your blog posts
    The primary task of the search engine is to crawl and index all the links of your site.

    So, in order to let them do that, you need to submit a sitemap file of your blog so that search bots can process and start the crawl and indexing process!

    sitemap crawl index

    In this way, search bots will index all of your blog URL’s one by one and your blog posts will start appearing in search results.

    2. Get the traffic report of your property

    Webmaster tools enable users to analyze your search performance on search results.

    With their analytics tool, you can better understand your visitor’s search pattern for driving more traffic to your site.

    search console traffic report

    You can also check how much traffic you are getting from search results, queries, pages, devices, visitors by country, estimated impressions, average position, etc using the search analytics tool.

    3. Fix all of your blog related issues

    Checking and fixing all the warnings and errors related to your blog, allows your site to stay SEO-friendly and rank higher in search results.

    Fixing all the blog related issues include, site errors, URL errors, Desktop and Smartphone errors and server errors.

    crawling issues

    Although, you are allowed to check up to 1,000 pages with errors directly from your dashboard.

    4. Check your existing Backlinks

    I think you already know that what are backlink is and how it works, right?

    Well, using the Webmaster tools, you can analyze all those domain names which are linked with your site.

    blog backlinks check

    You can also check how many backlinks you have accumulated from different domains, your internal links, etc from the Search Traffic tab in the Search Console.

    5. Remove Bad Backlinks

    Removing bad backlinks is a must perform a task for bloggers to stay away from Google penalty and keep ranking in the search results.

    Disavow tool is the only best tool to remove backlinks from any blog or website. But, eliminating those bad links using the disavow tool can be a bit tricky!

    removing backlinks using disavow tool

    So, if you want to eliminate those backlinks then follow the guide.

    6. Implement Data highlighter
    Data highlighter is the only tool to improve your look in search results. It is a new alternative to webmaster markup for helping Google search engine understand your site data.

    data highlighting

    Using this tool, you can also enable individual users to rate and review your contents on search results.

    7. Get Started with AMP

    Accelerated mobile pages (AMP), are those pages which load super-fast on mobile devices only.

    accelerated mobile pages

    In order to make your blog AMP-friendly, you need to follow the AMP HTML specification to create your first valid AMP pages and then you can analyze all the AMP related errors and warnings right from your search console account under the search appearance tab > Amp pages.

    8. Use rich cards feature

    If your site is about events, products, books, movies, or jobs posting related topics then using the rick card feature you can improve your search appearance and increase traffic.

    using rich cards

    Rich card feature improves your look and design in the search results. Anyone having webmaster tools access can implement this feature on his site.

    9. Analyze and fix HTML improvements

    Analyzing HTML improvements on your site using the search console is very simple. You can always find the HTML improvements related errors, right from search console account under search appearance > HTML improvements.

    Generally, HTML errors include duplicate meta descriptions, long meta descriptions, short meta descriptions, title tag and non-indexable contents.

    html related errors

    So, always check out this sections twice in a month to fix all the errors right away, you see it.

    10. Remove Index URL’s

    Due to any reason, if you want to remove your blog post from Google search then this tool can help you out!

    remove index pages

    Using the Remove Index URL’s tool under the Webmaster tools, you can temporarily or permanently hide any individual URL from appearing in the search result pages.


    If you have never used these features, then you must go now and try it on so that you can improve your appearance in search results.

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    Convert Website to Android App Online Free

    Convert Website to Android App Online Free

    Creating a mobile android app for your blog is very easy if you know the right instructions to do it.

    converting blog to android app

    Nowadays, many websites allow building a free android app in minutes without any technical knowledge. All you need to do is, add your blog URL into their app generator tool and their automated tool will produce a free app for you.

    The basic requirements to build an app is not much, all you will need is an icon, title, the URL of your new blog and you are good to go.

    So, in this tutorial, we will show you the best methods to convert any online blog or website to an Android application without any coding knowledge and zero investment.

    So, let’s know how you can do that.

    How to Convert Website to Android App Online Free

    In the tutorial, we will show you the way to build your Android app via the Web2apk online website. Web2apk is free of cost, and the best part about it is that there will be no watermarks on your app so no one will be able to know how did you build the application.

    Just follow the below steps, and your app will be produced within a few minutes.

    1. In your browser, type Web2apk, open the website and click on Create App.

    Converted blog app

    2. Enter the URL of your blog or website, name a title, select the icon and create on “Show Advanced Settings”.

    convert blog to app

    3. Now, in the Advanced settings, select screen orientation as portrait, write welcome screen text, network error screen, exit screen, and in the off-site links tab, select USER CAN NAVIGATE ANYWHERE FROM THE APP, and click on Create my App.

    converting blog to android

    4. Wait for a few seconds, and your Android app is ready. Download it, and share it wherever you want.

    website convert app andrid

    Congrats! Now, you have successfully converted your blog or website to an Android app for free.

    Now, below we will show you the different ways you can convert your blog to an App.

    If the above-mentioned tutorial did not work for you, then select any other alternatives from below options, go to their site and follow their instructions to covert your blog to the Android app.

    6 Best Ways to Convert your Site to Android Mobile Application

    1. AppyPie

    converter app

    It is a popular online Apps builder website, where you can create different mobile apps such as messenger, browser, convert your site to the Android app. After creating your app, you can easily monetize your app and receive payments directly from your AppyPie dashboard.

    They offer a free profile with limited features, but if you want to use their full features then you need to upgrade your profile basic or gold plan.

    2. AppsGeyser

    apps converting site

    It is another popular free app and game maker online tool, they provide various types of tools and themes to start your app without any coding, publish them to Google Play store and then monetize your app with Admob and earn money through your free app.

    AppGeyser even provides a clear interface dashboard so that you can always use and track all the features from your single dashboard.

    3. Zeroqode

    blog to app convert

    It is another of the best website to convert your online sites into an Android and iOS app. With Zeroqode, you can easily convert a mobile application without any coding knowledge, their implementation procedure is very simple.

    You can join this site as a free, later on, if you think it is best for you to work then you can upgrade your plan and remove all the limitations.

    Visit Zeroqode Website

    4. AppYet

    site to app converter

    AppYet is a simple Android app creator tool that can be used to convert a blog to an app for free within a few minutes. All you need to provide is the URL to your website, and their online converter tool will convert and generate the Android apps for your website.

    Visit AppYet Website

    Converting your online blog to a mobile application is very profitable and the source of your traffic will increase as well.

    Now, your next task is to add the app in your blog and Google PlayStore to get maximum downloads and even earn money by activating Admob advertisement in your mobile app for PlayStore.

    How to Remove Bad Backlinks from a Website using Disavow tool

    How to Remove Bad Backlinks from a Website using Disavow tool

    Removing bad backlinks from a website is one of the best SEO practices to keep ranking well in the search results.

    remove website bad backlinks

    As, we all know that bad backlinks can hurt your SEO, ranking, and even penalize your blog from search results. Thus, it is essential to remove bad links right away you get to know.

    In our last post, we have discussed beginners guide to backlinks. So, in this content, you will learn what is backlinks, why and how to eliminate them effectively.

    What are bad backlinks and how we get to know about it?

    Generally, bad backlinks are considered as spammy links. Those types of links are unhealthy for your site as nowadays, the link building method is banned by Google and any other search engines.

    So, it is essential to remove them once you get to know about it.

    Now, the question is how do we get to know about those bad links?

    The answer is simple!

    If you are reading this content then definitely you are using Webmaster tools, right?

    After verifying your site in the Google webmaster tools, you can easily analyze all the backlinks of your site.

    blog backlinks

    These all are the backlinks that linked my blog. Similarly, you can also analyze all of your backlinks directly from your Search Console account.

    Now, in order to identify bad links from all of your backlinks, you need to manually check all the URLs one by one and then you will get to know about those bad links.

    What is Google disavow tool and how can we use it?

    Disavow means the system that notifies search engines about the spam URLs or suggests search engines to avoid those type of links.

    With the modern era, Google does update their system more frequently. Thus, in order to track and remove spammy and unwanted links, they have launched the disavow tool in 2003 to remove spammy links of a website.

    A person with a search console account and property can simply get access to the disavow tool situated in the search console.

    How to check backlinks of a Website?

    Now that you have learned about the bad links and disavow tool, it is time to check and analyze your existing backlinks.

    1. Login to your Search Console and open your verified property.

    check backlink

    2. Click on Search Traffic and press on Links to your site.

    backlinks check

    3. These all are your backlinks, now click on more.

    check links

    4. Choose and select the bad backlink you want to exclude, and click on it.

    backlink checking

    5. Now, you’ll see which URL of your site is linked. Again, click on the URL to know the exact page of the spam site, where you URL is placed.

    check all my backlinks

    6. These all are the bad URLs of the spam domain, Copy the spam website’s links and follow the below step.

    Check all backlinks

    How to remove bad backlinks using the Google disavow tool

    Now, its time to eliminate those bad URLs from your site. Just follow my lead, to do it in the correct way!

    1. After copying the bad link, open the Google Disavow tool.

    2. Select your property and click on DISAVOW LINKS.

    eliminate links

    3. Now, disavow tool page will open, click on Disavow Links.

    eliminating backlinks

    4. You need to create a .txt file and paste all those backlinks.

    remove bad backlinks

    5. Open the Notepad, and paste all bad links one by one, give a title and save the document as a .txt file extension.

    exclude badlinks

    6. Now, go back in the disavow tool, click on choose and select the file and click on submit.

    excluding bad backlinks

    Congrats, you’ve successfully removed those bad backlink from your site. After submitting the file, you’ll see, “You successfully uploaded a disavow links file”.

    backlink removing

    Now, you need to be extremely careful while using the Disavow tool as once you eliminate a link, you can’t undo it later on.

    So, always generate quality backlinks and check your backlinks once or twice in a month, by doing this you will ensure that your site remains spam free so that you can rank higher search results.

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