YouTube Go: Watch & Download Videos from YouTube

YouTube Go: Watch & Download Videos from YouTube

Youtube has always been a great online video streaming platform for everyone.

In Youtube you can upload videos, watch unlimited videos online uploaded by individuals, download the videos, like, dislike, comment, share, subscribe & even you can earn money from Youtube by placing ads on your videos.

Most of the contents on Youtube has been uploaded by Individual persons & Media corporations via “Youtube Partnership Programme”. Youtube was founded by 3 Paypal employees in February 2005 (12 years ago), till now they have been developing Youtube more & more.

Peoples from all over the world liked Youtube very much at the beginning time but soon enough people have realized that Youtube should be upgraded with more unseen features, such as; less buffering in 2G connection or less data consumption. Therefore, Youtube has decided to develop their system more & more for a better tomorrow.

So, after doing years of researches & work, Youtube has finally developed an ordinary app in order to minimize the data consumption & less buffering. Introducing a brand new app to enjoy & share videos- YouTube Go. This ordinary app will help you to maximize your fun without burning up your data.

In Youtube Go app you can find & watch any video you want and discover new videos to enjoy more! You can also preview videos before you decide to watch or save them, control your consumption of mobile data by choosing video MB sizes. You can save and watch videos without buffering even when having a very slow network connection & share videos with family and friends without using data.

Let’s discuss more briefly about Youtube Go app below:

What is Youtube Go App?

Youtube Go is a brand new app, developed & maintained by Youtube and offered by Google. Youtube Go app works on the very slow network without buffering & also you can share videos with anyone without using your mobile data.

How do YouTube Go works?

It’s not much different from the old Youtube app except its features, performance & layout style. Youtube Go app works perfectly on any smartphone without hanging your phone! Also, it’s super fast & simple to use with better navigation features.

What are the features of YouTube Go?

Youtube Go app has many features, below are it’s main features:

Control over your mobile data

  • Preview videos before you download or watch
  • Choose to download or stream
  • Choose how many MBs you spend on videos

Download videos more easily

  • Play them without buffering
  • Download videos to your phone or SD card
  • Watch them anytime, anywhere, even with slow or no internet connection
  • Watch downloaded videos many times with no extra data cost

Share videos without mobile data

  • Video transfer uses no data
  • Share with friends and family nearby
  • Super fast speed: send videos in seconds
  • Once received, a quick 15KB internet security check allows you to play the video

Superfast with Less phone Hang!

  • No more worrying about phone hanging
  • Made to work with less storage and slow speed’s
  • Works on older Android versions back to Jellybean (Android 4.1)

Better navigation system

  • Better & easy navigation system
  • Very easy to download, watch & share videos

How to download Youtube Go app?

1. In order to download Youtube Go app, you need to go Play store or you can also download Youtube Go app latest updated version.

2. After downloading the app, install it on your device & open it.

3. Now, you can enjoy Youtube with very fewer data & less buffering.

Youtube Go app

By proceeding above steps you can free download Youtube Go app & watch any videos in very fewer data.

So, next time whenever you’re going to watch Youtube, do watch it on Youtube Go app & save your mobile data easily. Also, share your favorite videos with your friends or family members from Youtube Go without losing any data. 

Databack App: Get Free Unlimited Data 2G/3G/4G Recharge Instantly

Databack App: Get Free Unlimited Data 2G/3G/4G Recharge Instantly

Databack App: Earn Free Paytm Cash by Refer + Get Unlimited Data pack Free Instantly + 2G/3G/4G + Spin & Earn Extra Data + Payment Proof

Databack get free unlimited data packs

Do you own a smartphone? If yes! then you might know to use the full features of your Android phone which helps you to connect to the rest of the world with the help of the Internet.

Without the internet, a phone is like a bike without wheels.

Nowadays, thousands of peoples use the internet from the Android devices because it not only helps us to connect to the rest of the world by just sitting at home, also it entertains us in many ways. But whenever your data pack goes over, how would you fee? Quiet irritating right!

But did you ever wondered when you use the internet where this data pack goes? or what if you get refunded the data you spend on surfing the internet? such as Facebook, Whatsapp, UC Browser, E-commerce sites, your favorite websites & apps etc.

Well, you heard me right! So, let me introduce you to Databack app, this ordinary app helps its users to get refunded your mobile data you spend by using your favorite apps & websites. You can also earn extra mobile data and Paytm cash by inviting friends & participating in contests, which is very simple.

Let’s talk more briefly about Databack App:

What is Databack app and How does databack works?

Databack app refunds a part of mobile data that you spend on browsing apps. For example: If you use an app for 10-15 minutes, you may spend around 8MB – 10MB. A part of this data refunded back to you by Databack. Just like the cashback’s that you receive for shopping, similarly at Databack, you get mobile data back. Here’s the introduction video of Databack application.

What are the benefits of Databack app?

  • Databack app is very simple & sign up takes only 30 seconds. Just verify your mobile number and it’s done!
  • Use apps already installed on your phone and Databack will refund your mobile data as per the offers.
  • Databack support Mobile data pack recharges for all major operators. Recharge packs work the same way as it from your neighborhood shop.
  • Recharge instantly and use this data to access the mobile internet, as you normally do. Databack does not restrict your data usage to specific apps.
  • Get EXTRA mobile data & Paytm Cash by inviting friends to try Databack app and participating in contests.
  • Recharge up to 2 times in a month from Databack app.

How much will data be refunded to you by using Databack?

For using a single app you may get data starting from 5MB to 50MB. However, you can get as much as 250- 300 MB data refunded every month by using multiple apps, it depends on how many different offers you avail. You will see data offers on apps that are currently on your phone, once you activate an offer you will start getting the refund as per the details of the offer.

Legit ways to maximize data packs?

There are many ways to maximize your earnings:
• You get a joining bonus of 5MB.
• You can get up to 25-30MB every day by using your favorite apps.
• Invite your friends to try Databack app and get unlimited mobile data & Free Paytm Cash.
• Participate in daily contests and get bonus mobile data every day.

How to use data back app?

Every time you start an offer, data gets refunded into your Databack wallet. You can do data recharges once you cross the limit of 150MB data in your wallet.

After recharging you can use any internet services on your phone, no restrictions whatsoever. Honestly, it’s just like recharging your prepaid number online.

How to redeem data from Databack app?

1. First of all, in order to recharge free data to any number, you have to cross minimum limit if 150MB data in your wallet. Once, you’re done! Open the app & click on recharge now.

how to redeem data from Databack app

2. Now, enter your mobile number, Network name & circle. click on proceed.

How to redeem  Databack app

3. Now, select any 2G/3G/4G date pack shown in the data pack. (I will be recharging 3G plan 75MB for 30 days).

How to redeem Internet data Databack app

4. Once again, confirm your data recharge request & click on confirm.

How to redeem data from Databack

5. Congratulation! your recharge is in process. It can take up to 30 minutes & In case of failure, data will be refunded to you within 24hours.

redeem data from Datapack app

Payment Proof of Databack app
Here’s the payment proof that I have received this month:

Payment proof databack app

By performing the above steps you can successfully get up to 2 times free data recharge in a month. Databack is the first genuine app ever to offer free data packs you spend on surfing the internet, which is very simple.

You can also earn free Paytm cash from databack app by inviting your friends & family members. You will get up to Rs.5 per user sign up’s with your referral link. So, download it today & start earning Paytm money and free data recharges instantly.

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VuLiv Player: Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash Free Daily

VuLiv Player: Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash Free Daily

Earning free Paytm cash from your mobile phones have become very simple nowadays. Many peoples are earning thousands of real Paytm money from genuine reward giving apps.

Vuliv player app earn free paytm cash money

You can easily earn up to thousand rupees monthly by doing simple tasks from your Android & iOS phones, such as downloading apps, watching videos and ad’s, taking survey’s, playing games, etc.

If you spend 10-20 minutes daily on these apps then you can make a good amount from these applications. But before using these apps, you must create a Paytm wallet account in order to receive your earnings.

In my previous article, we have discussed Skrilo app and DollarTune earning app which really pays off to their users very fast in time. So, If you haven’t checked these apps yet! You must go for it now!

Today in this post, we will briefly discuss a similar Paytm cash reward giving app named VuLiv Player. It also knows as a one-in-all player because in this player you can watch online or offline videos, photos and listen to songs easily.

Let’s talk more briefly about the Vuliv app:

What is a Vuliv player?

VuLiv Player is not just any other media player but a hub of entertainment which is also a home for all your photos, videos and music files.

Watch the viral, follow the trends or keep up with all the up-to-the-minute daily breaking news, watch exclusive videos from some of the most popular content creators or stream videos online from YouTube.

  • Follow your favorite TV/Web series on VuLiv Player
  • NEWS Updates from around the World
  • Catch the Latest from Bollywood, Sports, Politics and more!

How do Vuliv App works?

Find all your videos shot on your phone or received via messengers like WhatsApp etc. neatly sorted here. Just tap to choose your preferred view to be it in folders or organized as per dates. 

  • Look away from the phone to Pause video.
  • Rename Videos for a better search experience.
  • Share videos with friends.

Now align your next favorite song with just a simple tap or create your own playlist along with an exclusive collection of online audios across various genres of Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Lifestyle, Gossips, Health, Technology, Education, Business and other trending stuff.

  • Music widget.
  • Equalizer with 18+1 pre-sets.
  • Know more about your music with chapters.

We took your photo gallery to the next level. Now don’t just enjoy your beautiful moments but click your most beautiful moments with VuLiv, Media Player. Just tap the camera button and start clicking pictures like a pro!

  • Enjoy your photos in a slideshow.
  • Change your WhatsApp DP with ease of a Tap.
  • Photo Editor with 20+ free Photo editing tools.

Benefits of Using the VuLiv app

  • You can watch internally stored videos easily.
  • Watching online YouTube and another trending video is easy too.
  • Listen to any online or offline videos easily.
  • Learn more about music with easy chapters.
  • Take pictures like a pro.
  • Edit your photos easily with the help of VuLiv photo editor.
  • Enjoy your photos with a slideshow.
  • Earn free Paytm cash daily.

Tips to earn free unlimited Paytm cash

1. First of all, you need to create a Paytm account with the same number you have registered on VuLiv player.

Tips to earn Infinity Paytm cash step1

2. Open the app and search for any YouTube video, watch it till the end. (Don’t skip the video or else you will not be paid. So, as my opinion watch a short trailer instead of watching long videos.)

Tips to earn Infinity Paytm cash step2

3. After complete watching the video, go back to the menu and click on live/shop option.

Tips to earn Infinity Paytm cash step3

4. Now, slide the banner and click on load your wallet with free cash.

Tips to earn Infinity Paytm cash step4

5. Now you will 2 withdrawn options, first one is Oxygen wallet and the second one is Paytm wallet. You can choose any as you want and click on it.

Tips to earn Infinity Paytm cash step5

6. Now you will see a grab option. Click on it, now the VuLiv app will verify your Paytm account by SMS (OTP). Once you get one-time password, you will automatically receive Rs.1 into your wallet.

Tips to earn Infinity Paytm cash step6
Payment Proof Of VuLiv Player Earning
Here’s the payment proof that I have received recently.

Payment Proof Of VuLiv Player

By performing the above steps you will be able to earn unlimited Paytm cash. You will receive Rs.1 per video you watch on the vuliv app. So, If you watch 5 to 6 videos in a day, you will be able to earn more. Another best benefit of this app is, sometimes Vuliv gives 5 to 10Rs. to its users.

Remember, If Grab option in the reward page doesn’t appear when you have to try again later because it happens sometimes! So it that case, don’t worry. Come back later and you will surely get the credits.

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DollarTune App: Earn free Paytm Cash Daily for Watching ad

DollarTune App: Earn free Paytm Cash Daily for Watching ad


DollarTune App Earn free paytm cash money

Are you looking for genuine apps for getting free Paytm cash rewards? Well, there are a few applications which do pay rewards to their users for completing their simple daily tasks.

There are many such apps, like Skrilo Paytm cash rewarding app which really rewards real Paytm money for completing their daily tasks. If you haven’t used it yet, here’s the guide.

Similarly, today I will show you the best related Paytm money rewarding Android app called DollarTune App.

This android app is very easy to use and it’s a kind of different from all other free recharge rewarding apps available on the Google PlayStore.

Because unlike other apps, DollarTune allows you to transfer paytm cash into your Paytm wallet as soon as you accumulated rupee.1 whereas, other reward giving apps will never allow you to payout in this very amountNormally other related apps allow you to transfer cash into your wallet as soon as you reach rupees  10 – 20.

Before we proceed to the actual tutorial, there are a couple of things you should know first.

What is a DollarTune App and how does it work?

Dollartune is a great app that rewarded its users with Paytm Money for watching Ad’s and using the ringtone earning option.

DollarTune works completely on users consent and the users engage with the brands of their choice. Depending upon the activity performed, you earn gratification points that can be redeemed instantly by Paytm.

There are many benefits of using this unique application. Some of them are:

  • Dollartune is a genuine app and really pays to its members.
  • Transferring cash reward to your Paytm wallet is very easy and super fast.
  • It allows you to transfer Paytm cash from Rs.1
  • It provides ad’s on a daily basis so that you can keep earning.
  • It allows you to earn money by receiving calls on your android device using the ringtone feature.

If you need a more brief explanation about this app then visit Dollatune 

official site.

    How to Use DollarTune App?

    1. Whenever you will get ad’s, you will be notified on your phone. Then open the app & click on the ad.

    How to use dollartune step1

    2. After clicking on the ad, wait for a while to load the ad and then click on done & you successfully received 5 paise per ad.

    How to use dollartune step2
    Tips to Maximize your Earnings
    • You have to watch all the ad they provide daily. The more you watch ad’s, the more money you earn’s.
    • Another way to earn money is, keep DollarTune ringtone on your smartphone and whenever you receive someone’s call on your device, you get paid. In dual-sim devices, ringtone feature is working only on your default sim.
    • DollarTune pays you Rs.5 paisa per ad you watch and Rs10 paisa per call you receives! So, your Fayde ki Ghanti starts ringing now!

    How to transfer reward money to your Paytm wallet?

    1. To transfer your earned money, first of all, you need to create a Paytm account with the same number you have registered on DollarTune to get the immediate transfer.

    dollartune money transfer to paytm step1

    2. After creating your paytm account you need to open the dollar tune app and go to reward section.

    dollartune money transfer to paytm step2

    3. Now, click on the transfer button. Congratulations! You have received your dollar tune cash to your paytm wallet.

    dollartune money transfer to paytm step3

    Payment proof of DollarTune app
    Here’s the payment proof that I received from DollarTune app.

    Dollartune payment proof

    By performing the above steps, you will successfully get free Paytm Cash daily. You will also get paid 10 paise per call you answer on your smartphone. Not just that, DollarTune app also rewards its users for every activity. It is an application that helps you with cash whenever you shop, recharge your mobile or pay your bills online.

    Read: How to send bulk sms using Sms bomber Android app

    Before making your first payout, you need to install Paytm wallet and you have to register with the same number you are using for Dollartune to get the immediate transfer. The maximum payout per day is Rupees5. So, by using this app you will be able to earn free paytm cash daily.

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    Skrilo app: Win upto Rs.1 lakh free paytm cash reward

    Skrilo app: Win upto Rs.1 lakh free paytm cash reward


    Skrilo app: Win upto Rs.1 lakh free paytm cash reward

    Everyone likes earning free paytm cash! As we all know, there are millions of application available on the Google PlayStore which claims to provide you free paytm money by doing some simple tasks. Such as downloading apps, watching advertisements, watching videos, survey etc.

    Wel it is a true! You can earn free unlimited cash reward only if have the genuine app that really works or else you are not going to get it no matter how much you try. 

    If you are seeking for free recharge giving app then you visit here this link.

    Earn Free Mobile Recharges from Android Apps

    So, In this post, I will guide you about a  genuine paytm reward giving app called Skrilo,  which is offering a chance to win free rewards like paytm cash and shopping coupons on Viewing ads and Referring your friends.

    The aim or motive behind the Skrilo app is quiet clear, just view the ads & refer this app as much as possible to collect more free chances.

    The More Chances You Have Its Higher Probabality to Win Free Paytm Cash Daily.

    Watch promotions and deals & be entitled to Win Millions in Real Cash, 100% Free.

    What is Skrilo App?

    Skrilo app brings to consumers, the brands they love and deals they desire most. Whenever, you watch these deals, ads, brand campaigns, timely offers and coupons –you collect free chances for a lucky draw. Every day, Skrilo declares lucky winners and makes Lakhpatis at month-end (Saturday).

    All of this is absolutely free for everyone. Any one can use Skrilo app & can win free paytm cash.

    How does Skrilo App Works?

       • Watch and engage with interesting marketing campaigns they show you. They are just a handful in a day.

       • Every time you view/engage with an campaign, you collect free 2 tickets (you can call them Free Chances). There may be bonus opportunities too.

       • For the Daily draws, held at the end of the day, your phone number is added to a list as many number of times as the chances you have for that day. The draw is held at midnight.  If you are the lucky winner, you will receive a notification from them. Then You can go to the Prizes folder (within 48 hours) and claim your prize via Paytm app.

       • For the Weekly draws, held at the end of each week – Saturday midnight, your phone number is added to a list as many number of times as the chances you have for that week. If you are the lucky winner, you will receive a notification from Skrilo. Then you can go to the Prizes folder and claim your prize. LAKHPATI winners will need to provide PAN or Tax related details, in order to claim.

    Benefits of Using Skrilo App

    • Skrilo app is totally free and very simple/easy to use.
    • It takes very less time to learn to collect free chances. Thus, it takes 0-15 minutes in a day to win free cash prizes.
    • Anybody can use this reward providing mobile application.
    • Skrilo app shows brands you love and the deals you desire most.

    Skrilo app Prizes

    Daily: 1xRs.500 each – 500xRs.25 each – 2300xRs.10 each.
    Weekly: 1xRs.100,000 each – 100xRs.250 each – 2000xRs.25 each.
    Monthly: 1xRs.100,000 each.

    How to collect free chances

    Download the skrilo app and install it on your android device.

    1. After installing, click on free chances and see the ad then, click on register my view.

    How to use skrilo app step 2

    2. You will get 2 chances per ad you see.

    How to use skrilo app step 3
    How to collect more chances on Skrilo app

    You Can collect chances via 2 Ways-
    1. Referring Friends Per refer You will get 2 Chances.
    2. By Viewing, Ads in Chances Menu Per  ad will Get 2 Chances.. You have to keep checking Skrilo app Daily To Get Ads in Chances Menu.

    The More You Have Chances The More You Can Win Free Paytm Cash Daily.

    How to Collect Free Prize Reward on Skrilo App

    1. To collect the reward, open the Skrilo app and click on the prize section.

    How to collect free Prize Reward step1

    2. Now, If you are a winner, a small button you will see on the prize section, like this screenshot.

    How to collect free Prize Reward step2

    3. Click on the button and verify your Paytm number & details, click proceed. Done!

    How to collect free Prize Reward step3

    4. Congratulation…! you have successfully received the prize reward on your paytm wallet app.

    How to collect free Prize Reward step4

    Payment Proof

    Here’s the payment proof that I have received last week.

    Skrilo app payment proof
    By performing the above steps, you can win daily 10 rupess paytm cash, weekly 50 and monthly upto 100,000 lakh free reward by spending 15 minutes in a day on Skrilo app.

    There is no earning limit on skrilo, so If you earn maximum chances daily then you can win prizes daily. So, download & use the app today to win unlimited paytm cash for free.

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    True Balance App: Refer, Watch ad & Earn Unlimited Free Recharge

    True Balance App: Refer, Watch ad & Earn Unlimited Free Recharge

    Did you know? True balance is one of the best Genuine Android application, which will pay you real free recharge for referring their apps to others & earn points and buy new packs!

    Truebalance refer watch ad earn recharge

    It is the easiest and most effective tool to manage your mobile balance in India.

    You can earn some extra recharge by sitting at home, it also helps you to checthe k balance and recharge your mobile using coupons and cashback offers.

    True Balance provides below exciting features:

    • No need to dial anymore, with just one tap you can check your balance at any time.
    • You can earn points! Invite your family and friends and earn reward points. Recharge is easier and safer with True balance always stay connected.
    • True Balance gives you one touch solution to manage your prepaid mobile balances.
    • Not only checking balances, but it also supports recharge; Invite friends, earn points and buy new packs!

    If you prefer earning free Paytm Cash, read this guide.

    Why to use True Balance App?

    You won’t need to dial anymore if you’re with True Balance. Just launch the app and you can enjoy all the benefits listed below. Plus, it will let you save all the messages such as pack receipts or special offers that are sent to you by the operators.

    Many users prefer using a dual SIM to a single SIM for different reasons – they want to manage and control their mobile fees effectively, get special offers or just for a backup. There can be multiple reasons as to why they use dual SIMs but to best manage it there’s only one answer, it’s True balance.

    Recharging is difficult and frustrating, especially when you’re traveling from a circle to another. True balance has managed to make this process quick, easy and safe for you. Just keep calm and stay connected.

    Features of True Balance App

     Cashback offers have arrived!

    Make use of our fantastic cashback offers and save your money. There will be frequent updates so always stay connected with us!

     Recharge any mobile numbers from True Balance! 
    Now you don’t have travel to shops to top up your mobile or for your family & friends. Just use True Balance whenever and wherever you need to recharge any mobile numbers, including your own. Also you can pin the number and re-purchase with just one tap!

     All payment options available! 
    We provide an online payment gateway powered by Citrus, trusted by over 85% of Indian merchants. You can use Credit/Debit card or Net banking as well as True Balance Points for recharging mobile balance.

     Balance Check
    Check data pack balance and rate cutter validity.
    All your mobile recharge balance & pack balance in one place.
    Total remaining balance of single / dual SIM.
    Local call, STD call, L+STD call pack balance with the expiry date.
    Remaining 2G, 3G data pack with the expiry date.
    Notification Bar – Information at a glance with many options.

     Data Tracking
    Track apps stealing your MB in the backgrounds.
    Monitor data usage from background or foreground by date or app wise.

     Balance Alert and Deductions
    Get low balance & expiry alerts of Main balance, Data pack, Call pack and Rate cutter. Automatically check call cost balance after every local / STD call.

     Earn and Free Recharge
    -Invite friends & Earn points.
    -Various reward offers everyday!
    -Get free recharge with Wallet Points.

     PlayPull Animal friends
    True Balance added FUN to balance check. Don’t miss this excitement as well as free points!

    How to Refer and Earn Recharge from True Balance App

    Download True Balance app & install it on your Android phone.

    1. Open the true balance app & click on “earn” option.

    How to refer earn free recharge on truebalance

    2. Now share your true balance app with your friends & family members via Whats app, Facebook, Message, Twitter, etc. to earn more through referral program.

    How to refer earn recharge truebalance app
    Watch Ad and Earn Recharge from True Balance

    1. Go to main menu of the app & click on “AD” and wait till gift box is loading.

    How to earn recharge watch ad truebalance

    2. Now after opening the lucky box you will get approximately 0.01 – 0.05 paisa. This gift box reset’s in every hour. So, you’ll get paid 24 times in a day whenever you click on the AD.

    How to earn recharge watch advertisement

    True Balance App payment proof
    Here’s the payment proof’s that I’ve received by True Balance.

    True Balance earning payment proof
    By performing above steps you will successfully gain free mobile recharges. In True Balance app you don’t have to download any apps nor you have to watch ad video, this is why; it’s one of the best apps to start earning free recharge. Even I prefer to use True Balance to get some extra recharge.

    If like this post, do share this article with your friends & family members & also if you have any queries! don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box below. Thank you.