How to Get Free Twitter Followers Fast

How to Get Free Twitter Followers Fast

Are you on twitter❓ Are you looking for free followers, but you don’t know yet how to get. Right❓Well, you are on the right track.

increase free Twitter Followers Fast

Before proceeding to the tutorial, I think, you might have many questions to ask like, can I get free followers on twitter❓ Is it safe❓ Is it to too hard❓ Well, yes it’s absolutely free of cost, its safe and its very easy method but remember, every easy or shortcut way has its own disadvantages. 

If you use twitter auto follower tool than you will get lots of followers at once but remember, your twitter account will follow them too.

Another disadvantage is if you use it twice or thrice a day than twitter will put your account will be suspended as Facebook auto liker tool does, so don’t get carried away. Be carefully while using twitter auto follower tool and use at least once a day not twice as my recommendation.

Twitter auto follower tool works completely online so you don’t have worry about downloading apps.

Let’s start with some basic questions:

How does system work❓
You just need to click “Gain Followers Now!” button after logging into their application with your Twitter account. Their system gives you 20 free credits every day, you can gain 10 followers with your free credits.

What happens if you revoke the application❓

Your account will be suspended by their system and you will not be able to gain free fast followers anymore.

How many followers are you going to gain❓

They give 20 credits daily to all of their users. All credits are renewed at the end of the day.

Are you going to follow other users❓

Yes, their system is a follower exchange system, user’s follows each other’s randomly. Their system can send some sponsor tweets from your profile. Only VIP users (who buy credits) do not follow anybody.

Can you buy credits to gain more followers❓

Yes, just click on “Buy Credits” button to buy credits after logging in the system, you can spend bought credits whenever you want. 

Can you gain more credits❓

Yes, you can gain more credits following by their sponsor users, do not unfollow their sponsor users, your profile will be suspended from their system if you unfollow them.

The basic requirement is not much, all you need is:

 A PC or Smartphone 
 Good Internet connection
 Google chrome browser

Here are two popular websites where you can get free twitter followers


How to use Twitter auto follower tool step by step

1. First of all go to from chrome browser and then search for “Plus followers”and click on the first link of the search engine result page.

Get Free Twitter Followers Fast

2. After opening the website, scroll down and click on the “Start Now” button.

Get Free Twitter Followers Fast

3. Now you will be redirected to twitter sign page. Fill your information and click sign in.

Get Free Twitter Followers Fast

4. Now you will be asked to click on “Authorize app” button, click OK and wait..!

Get Free Twitter Followers Fast

5. Login successful, now wait for a minute..

Get Free Twitter Followers Fast

6. Now open your twitter account, refresh it and see the magic!

Get Free Twitter Followers Fast
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5 Best Auto Liker Websites for FaceBook to Get Free Likes

5 Best Auto Liker Websites for FaceBook to Get Free Likes

Have you been using Facebook, but not getting likes on your uploaded photos and profile pictures? Imagine, what if you could get free unlimited likes, on your FB photos or status with some simple steps.

Free auto liker for facebook get likes

Sounds cool right! There are many websites available on the Internet, which provides a free online tool to increase your likes up to +250 with a single click.

In simple, Facebook auto liker is an advance exchange system using Facebook token and increase your Facebook likes and Get Free Likes/Followers/Comments free of charge.

So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Why use Facebook Autoliker tool?

FB auto liker tool allows you to increase likes on your photos, status by submitting your FB account token to their website. Once you’re done, you could get up to +250 free likes and more after every 5 minutes!

In short, If you want to increase your facebook likes, auto liker is the best fit for you. Here’s a photo of mine from my facebook account, got 1.9k likes using auto liker tool.

Here are the list of top 5 Facebook Auto Liker Websites

1. Wefbee Autoliker

WefBee is one of the best Facebook autoliker tools which will help you to gain unlimited likes and followers on the status or photos om your profile.

If you are a blogger or YouTuber, then this autoliker tools can increase the likes on your photos, status and even on your pages for free.

You can read this post, to know more about WefBee tool.

2. is another popular autoliker tool website. Getting Facebook Likes and comments are easy now by using it. offers free Facebook likes & comments, You can get unlimited likes, comments, follower & pokes after every 15 minutes…!

It is a secured tool as they ask only for your access token, you can get login via Facebook access token which is secure and the best way to get free Facebook likes. You don’t need to enter your login detail here, just enter your access token and get login in autoliker tool and start getting likes on your Facebook Status & photos. 
Click here to use

3. AutoLiker4FB

Autoliker4fb website liker tool

Facebook auto liker is India’s most reliable and best auto liker site for Facebook. They are offering the Facebook photo auto liker, fan page auto liker, and post liker as well as FB auto liker application. Increase FB auto likes by using their auto liker tool.

Get up-to 300 Auto likes for per submission in their auto liker tool. Increase auto likes on your Facebook posts instantly. They are online by 24×7. You can increase auto likes at any time you use.

Dj Liker is a Facebook Auto-Like Application, founded and managed by only one person in the early and it started to grow with an extraordinarily inspiring speed. They provide free, safe, fast post likes to Facebook users. It is totally protected site & never spammed.

It also gives the Multi Comments on Public Posts. It is programmed to help the Facebook users who didn’t get likes on their posts & beg other people to do it! It is totally free & we never ask people for the money to get likes. They provide the best services of Facebook for free!

One Liker is a social exchange system known as Facebook Auto liker (required Facebook access token) which gives free instant auto like to Facebook public posts within seconds.

It is one of the safest Auto Liker Tools available! A tool for those who want to get Facebook likes and gain fame among their friends & catch their attention by popularizing their posts, status & photos likes.

How To Use Auto Liker Tutorial Step by Step

1. Change “Facebook Privacy settings” to “Public”.

2. Change “Facebook Followers settings” to “Everybody”.

3. Make sure your post is “Public”.

4. Go to the token page, allow third-party application by following step 1 and step 2 and also copy the URL (remember, the step 2 URL is your token code) 

5. Paste the Token URL to main page placeholder and press “Submit” button.

6. Now you are logged in our Auto Like. Select what service do you want to use. (Photo auto liker, Status auto liker, Page auto liker,  auto comment, etc.)

7.Select your Post and verify the Google Captcha then press “Submit” button (Make sure to chose like limits to maximum)

8. Done! Go check your likes. (Refresh the Facebook and see the magic!)

Need help?
Watch the below FB auto liker tutorial video created by a Youtube channel Tech With Us (in Hindi).

Remember, all the auto liker websites work the same way.

Note: Do not use FB auto liker tool more than 5 times in a day, or else your account will be blocked by FaceBook and never share your account’s token code with anyone else. (Keep it with you only.)

Above autoliker websites offer free photo liker, fan page auto liker, and post liker as well as Facebook auto liker application, you can easily increase likes by using their auto like websites.

Have you been using auto liker but didn’t worked? Let me know in the comment box below and if you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.