Convert Website to Android App Online Free

Convert Website to Android App Online Free

Creating a mobile android app for your blog is very easy if you know the right instructions to do it.

converting blog to android app

Nowadays, many websites allow building a free android app in minutes without any technical knowledge. All you need to do is, add your blog URL into their app generator tool and their automated tool will produce a free app for you.

The basic requirements to build an app is not much, all you will need is an icon, title, the URL of your new blog and you are good to go.

So, in this tutorial, we will show you the best methods to convert any online blog or website to an Android application without any coding knowledge and zero investment.

So, let’s know how you can do that.

How to Convert Website to Android App Online Free

In the tutorial, we will show you the way to build your Android app via the Web2apk online website. Web2apk is free of cost, and the best part about it is that there will be no watermarks on your app so no one will be able to know how did you build the application.

Just follow the below steps, and your app will be produced within a few minutes.

1. In your browser, type Web2apk, open the website and click on Create App.

Converted blog app

2. Enter the URL of your blog or website, name a title, select the icon and create on “Show Advanced Settings”.

convert blog to app

3. Now, in the Advanced settings, select screen orientation as portrait, write welcome screen text, network error screen, exit screen, and in the off-site links tab, select USER CAN NAVIGATE ANYWHERE FROM THE APP, and click on Create my App.

converting blog to android

4. Wait for a few seconds, and your Android app is ready. Download it, and share it wherever you want.

website convert app andrid

Congrats! Now, you have successfully converted your blog or website to an Android app for free.

Now, below we will show you the different ways you can convert your blog to an App.

If the above-mentioned tutorial did not work for you, then select any other alternatives from below options, go to their site and follow their instructions to covert your blog to the Android app.

6 Best Ways to Convert your Site to Android Mobile Application

1. AppyPie

converter app

It is a popular online Apps builder website, where you can create different mobile apps such as messenger, browser, convert your site to the Android app. After creating your app, you can easily monetize your app and receive payments directly from your AppyPie dashboard.

They offer a free profile with limited features, but if you want to use their full features then you need to upgrade your profile basic or gold plan.

2. AppsGeyser

apps converting site

It is another popular free app and game maker online tool, they provide various types of tools and themes to start your app without any coding, publish them to Google Play store and then monetize your app with Admob and earn money through your free app.

AppGeyser even provides a clear interface dashboard so that you can always use and track all the features from your single dashboard.

3. Zeroqode

blog to app convert

It is another of the best website to convert your online sites into an Android and iOS app. With Zeroqode, you can easily convert a mobile application without any coding knowledge, their implementation procedure is very simple.

You can join this site as a free, later on, if you think it is best for you to work then you can upgrade your plan and remove all the limitations.

Visit Zeroqode Website

4. AppYet

site to app converter

AppYet is a simple Android app creator tool that can be used to convert a blog to an app for free within a few minutes. All you need to provide is the URL to your website, and their online converter tool will convert and generate the Android apps for your website.

Visit AppYet Website

Converting your online blog to a mobile application is very profitable and the source of your traffic will increase as well.

Now, your next task is to add the app in your blog and Google PlayStore to get maximum downloads and even earn money by activating Admob advertisement in your mobile app for PlayStore.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks from a Website using Disavow tool

How to Remove Bad Backlinks from a Website using Disavow tool

Removing bad backlinks from a website is one of the best SEO practices to keep ranking well in the search results.

remove website bad backlinks

As, we all know that bad backlinks can hurt your SEO, ranking, and even penalize your blog from search results. Thus, it is essential to remove bad links right away you get to know.

In our last post, we have discussed beginners guide to backlinks. So, in this content, you will learn what is backlinks, why and how to eliminate them effectively.

What are bad backlinks and how we get to know about it?

Generally, bad backlinks are considered as spammy links. Those types of links are unhealthy for your site as nowadays, the link building method is banned by Google and any other search engines.

So, it is essential to remove them once you get to know about it.

Now, the question is how do we get to know about those bad links?

The answer is simple!

If you are reading this content then definitely you are using Webmaster tools, right?

After verifying your site in the Google webmaster tools, you can easily analyze all the backlinks of your site.

blog backlinks

These all are the backlinks that linked my blog. Similarly, you can also analyze all of your backlinks directly from your Search Console account.

Now, in order to identify bad links from all of your backlinks, you need to manually check all the URLs one by one and then you will get to know about those bad links.

What is Google disavow tool and how can we use it?

Disavow means the system that notifies search engines about the spam URLs or suggests search engines to avoid those type of links.

With the modern era, Google does update their system more frequently. Thus, in order to track and remove spammy and unwanted links, they have launched the disavow tool in 2003 to remove spammy links of a website.

A person with a search console account and property can simply get access to the disavow tool situated in the search console.

How to check backlinks of a Website?

Now that you have learned about the bad links and disavow tool, it is time to check and analyze your existing backlinks.

1. Login to your Search Console and open your verified property.

check backlink

2. Click on Search Traffic and press on Links to your site.

backlinks check

3. These all are your backlinks, now click on more.

check links

4. Choose and select the bad backlink you want to exclude, and click on it.

backlink checking

5. Now, you’ll see which URL of your site is linked. Again, click on the URL to know the exact page of the spam site, where you URL is placed.

check all my backlinks

6. These all are the bad URLs of the spam domain, Copy the spam website’s links and follow the below step.

Check all backlinks

How to remove bad backlinks using the Google disavow tool

Now, its time to eliminate those bad URLs from your site. Just follow my lead, to do it in the correct way!

1. After copying the bad link, open the Google Disavow tool.

2. Select your property and click on DISAVOW LINKS.

eliminate links

3. Now, disavow tool page will open, click on Disavow Links.

eliminating backlinks

4. You need to create a .txt file and paste all those backlinks.

remove bad backlinks

5. Open the Notepad, and paste all bad links one by one, give a title and save the document as a .txt file extension.

exclude badlinks

6. Now, go back in the disavow tool, click on choose and select the file and click on submit.

excluding bad backlinks

Congrats, you’ve successfully removed those bad backlink from your site. After submitting the file, you’ll see, “You successfully uploaded a disavow links file”.

backlink removing

Now, you need to be extremely careful while using the Disavow tool as once you eliminate a link, you can’t undo it later on.

So, always generate quality backlinks and check your backlinks once or twice in a month, by doing this you will ensure that your site remains spam free so that you can rank higher search results.

Here are a few cotents for reading up next:

Blogging for Beginners – How to Start a Blog for Free

Blogging for Beginners – How to Start a Blog for Free

Howdy! Creating a blog is always more comfortable, but maintaining a blog is difficult for a more extended period.

start a free blog

As blogging includes many factors such as SEO, backlinks, ranking, etc. so it is not possible to maintain all of these in the correct ways.

Some small silly mistakes can outcome in significant risk; thus it is essential to follow the right guide to start a blog from scratch.

Here in this guide, I will show you the step by step complete guide to creating a free blog in the Blogger (Blogspot) blogging platform from scratch and the initial tasks after creating your new Blog.

So, let’s begin.

Selection of a Blogging Platform

blogging platforms

Before creating your first blog, there are a couple of things you must do.
To create your first blog, you need to choose a suitable Blogging
Platform. There are many platforms like BlogSpot, WordPress,
Weebly, Tumblr, etc. but only a few of them are best and trustworthy.

Expert says “BlogSpot is best for beginners” as it’s free and

Owned by Google. Even, I go for BlogSpot platform because it’s very
simple to start and maintain a new blog.

But if we talk about professionals, then WordPress is the right choice.

WordPress is not as free as a blogger; it requires investment and technical

But in the case of a blogger, it is free, and anyone can easily use it without any coding knowledge!

Once you become an expert at Blogger platform, you can easily export
your blog from BlogSpot to WordPress platform.

There are many benefits of using blogger platform as blogging:

  • Create free blogs for a lifetime. Super easy to use via drag-drop features and no technical skills required.
  • No investment required unless you purchase a custom domain.
  • It allows you to earn money by placing ads on your via Google AdSense.
  • Be your boss and make new fans & followers.
  • Write topics on your point of view

This is why; I highly recommend using Blogger platform for your new blog as a beginner.

I already have created a post related to the benefits of blogging; you

check it out here…!

Selecting the Niche of your Blog

profitable blogging niche

After selecting your blogging, your second task is to select a suitable

niche for your blog.

I think you know what niche is, right?

Niche means the topics/ interests/categories you’re expert at. Say, for

example, if you are a chef at a famous restaurant, then your niche will be
cooking, and you can publish posts about recipes for delicious foods.
Similarly, ask yourself..! What you’re expert at.

Once you truly find your interest, you’ll be able to blog more easily.

There are many niche sites available on the internet like;

1. If you are a food lover – Cooking,
2. If you are health conscious – Health tips,
3. If you are an expert at technology – How-to tutorials and Tech related
4. If you’re skillful at marketing – Marketing, Blogging,
5. If you are proficient in business – Business blogs,
6. If you are a tutor – Educational blogs.

blogging niche infographics

There are more niche sites available on the internet.

Now once you choose the niche, your next step is to select the title and

URL address name for your blog.

Always make sure to select the best popular keywords as your blog name.

For example, if your niche is technology then you can use below name:

technician, Techworld, Advantech, etc. Instead of selecting long phrases,
use short keywords like I use proud zones.

So, your blog name should be simple and easy to remember so that your

visitors can easily remember your blog.

Creating your First New Blog

Now, it’s time for you to start your own blog, so let’s get started.

Selection of the Title and URL of your Blog

1. Go to and sign in using your Gmail address.

2. Click on “Create a Blog” button.

blog creation

3. Enter the blog name that you want to use for your new blog, and do

the same in the URL box and hit the “Create a Blog” button. (If you are lucky then you will get the name you choose or try the different one).

blog creating

For a brief guide, you can read this post.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a new blog. Now, it’s time to
create your first post.

Writing your First Blog Post

Like other blogging platforms, the blogger also provides easy writing
built-in text editor to create a unique content.

An informative article consists of 400-1,500 words approximately. But, as

you are beginners so try to write at least more than 400 words

To publish a new post, follow these easy steps:

1. On your blogger dashboard, go to “Posts” section and click on “New


blog post creating

Here’s how the blogger text editor looks like:

blogging blogger post

2. First of all, enter the title of a blog post that you want to write about.

write blogger post

3. Now, below the title box, enter the content of your post.

You can customize your article for good readability by using bold, italic, underline, page break, add links, images, videos, heading tags, symbols, text color, background color etc. on your post.

4. Once you’re done writing the post, change your permalink, add labels,

choose Country, enter search description, and click “Publish a post”

writing blog posts

Hurray! Just now you’ve published your first post.

Creating your First Blog Page
Pages play a vital role in every blog or website. It’s something that you
should create at the beginning of launching your blog because it can help
you in case of any illegal, copyright use.

Normally there are mainly 5 types of important pages: Disclaimer, Privacy

Policy, Sitemap page, about us or about the author, and contact us page.
For a brief explanation, read below posts.

So, let’s get started.

1. Go to your “Pages” section and click on “Create a Page”.

creating blogging pages

2. Creating the page is almost the same as creating the post.

Customizing your New Blog

designing new blog

Designing your blog is the second task to leave everlasting impressions

on your visitors. Try changing your classic template to a stylish custom theme.

So, it is also considered as the most significant factor of a blog.

It’s not that you have to put lots of gadgets to design your blog. If you

do, then it will slow down your site and the visitors will start leaving your
blog while it loads.

So, therefore, try to keep your blog simple, easy to navigate, add gadgets

like popular posts, recent posts, categories, back to top button, archive,
subscribe box, custom search box, etc.

Here’s the guide for creating categories:

For creating Navigation Menu:

Make sure all the gadgets on your blog have a purpose. If it doesn’t have
a purpose, then why to keep it!

Setting up the Widgets or Gadgets
1. To add a gadget, go to the layout section and click on “add a gadget”.

add gadgets widgets blogger

2. Now from there, you can choose to use lots of free gadgets that

blogger provides to all its users. Choose popular posts, featured posts,
subscription widgets, etc.

Customize them according to your wish and then save it to your blog.

Here’s the complete guide for adding gadgets:

You can also try using popup gadgets to increase your email list. In this
case, Get site control can help you out with email marketing. Here’s the

After creating your new blog, now your next task is to create and posts as
much as you can till 2-3 months.

Posting contents regularly after 2 days is a good blogging practice to get

blogging benefits!

Practice using eye-catchy headlines, hyperlinks, Images, videos, bulletins,

etc. to make your piece of content more informative and useful.

Don’t just copy and paste an article from other blogs, if you do so you might get in trouble because of Copyright Issue, Search Engines

will never rank you higher and even panalize your blog because of that copied piece of content.

So, try to write on your own! For example, while creating an article you

take help from top 3 ranking posts on Google. Analyze them, and write
down your own point of view about that topic.

By doing this, you will be able to create a unique most relevant article,

especially for your readers.

Stay out of Keywords stuffing; always use synonyms for most usedwords in your article.

Promoting your Contents on Social Media

promote blog social media

After publishing the unique piece of content, your next task is to share the post with your friends and audiences on Social Networking Platform.
Being a blogger, it is highly recommended for all bloggers to have Social Media accounts for growing their new blogs.
According to me, you should keep your Social Networking accounts updated with new contents, tools, and offers for more exposure. Adding hashtags to your Social Media Posts can easily grow your engagement.
Create Facebook Pages for growing fans, use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit, create Communities and Collections on Google+, create boards on Pinterest to get more shares and referral visitors to your blog.
Always practice of sharing your blog posts right away you publish it. In that case, Social Media Marketing sites can help you out!

In case, you’re using mobile phones for promoting:

Best ways to promote your blog and contents:

You can also add a follow us Social Media gadgets so that your visitors can reach you on Social Media whenever they want.

In case, you want to embed your Social Networking posts:

Submitting New Blog to WebmasterTools

sign up blog in webmaster tools

This is a most important task for every blogger to submit their blogs on

popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for crawling and

By doing this you’ll be able to get organic traffic from Google or Bing

search results.

Remember, if you don’t submit your blog to webmaster tools then you

will not be able to get free traffic from search engines. So, this is why it is
considered the as most significant task among all.

The procedure of adding blogs to webmaster tools is quite long. So, you

read the old posts that I’ve created for submitting new sites to search
engines. Here are the guides.

For Google:

For Bing and Yahoo:

Although, there are other search engines are out there on the Internet,

where you can submit your site for free to gain more organic visitors.

Wrapping it up

Now that you are a part of our blogging community, you can join various
blogging communities on Facebook, Google+ And Pinterest.

It is sure that now lots of difficulties will arise on your way, but you have

stand hard and wait for the upcoming opportunities!

Useful links to help you out while you get stuck:

For designing your blog:

To main SEO of your blog:

At last, you can check out our new Infographics to Increase Alexa Ranking of a blog.

What’s next?
After creation of your blog, the next thing you need do is produce quality piece of contents and publish in your blog regularly.

Monitor your Webmaster tools errors and warnings and fix it so that your site always maintain the good SEO level and gain more traffic.

Now, if you are finding difficulties or getting stuck, then read our Sitemap page to find the relevant content related to your issue and fix it out.

+10 Proven Ways to Generate Backlinks for your blog

+10 Proven Ways to Generate Backlinks for your blog

publishing quality contents is not enough for your online blog to rank higher in search engines.

generate free backlinks

Thus, only higher authority backlinks can rank your blog in the top of search results and get more traffic for free.

Backlinks from Higher ranking sites can outcome in great advantages, such as,

  • Gain more organic traffic.
  • Increase in Alexa ranking.
  • Growth in Domain authority and Page Authority.
  • Increase in Social Media reach and followers.
  • Maximize Adsense earnings. Increases engagement and trust.

So, in this content, I will show 11 easy ways to produce quality backlinks for your site to increase your ranking in no time.

+10 Proven Ways to Generate Quality Backlinks for your site

Here is the list of +10 proven methods to generate backlinks for your new blog or website.

1. Write Guest PostWriting a guest post on same niche blog is the fastest legitimate way to generate quality backlinks for your site. There are many high authority sites are available on the Internet, where you can write and publish guest posts in return for a do-follow backlink. Whenever you are into submitting guest content, always check and read the guidelines for submitting the content first, because not every blogger will provide you do-follow link in return. So, always take a look at the terms & conditions before writing guest posts for other blogs.

For your ease, take a look at these guest blogging websites list:

Domain Name
Guest Posting Guidelines
General Niche
General Niche
General Niche
Blogging Niche

2. Broken linksBroken links are another fastest way to produce quality backlinks from higher authority sites. With this trick, you will be easily able to get quality backlinks from Wikipedia or Wikihow websites. All you need to do is download a broken link finder chrome extension, install it on your browser and open the Wikipedia website. Now, run a scan for broken links, once you find those session expired links, create an exact post containing the useful information of that individual URL. After producing the content, send a ping to Wikipedia suggesting to replace the broken link with your content. Now, after verifying the URL you have given, they will make it live and you will receive a free backlink from a higher authority website. 3. Use QuoraThe popular Quora is the best platform for the beginners to generate the bulk of free backlinks for your blog. All you need do is open the Quora website, sign up yourself and complete your profile. Now, you will see many questions asked by your Quora members, pick one and write your opinions about the question and at last, mention or point out your website link for better understanding of the concept. In this way, you can produce thousands of free backlinks from Quora, if you want. Just make sure that all the answers look spam free and contain the most useful information on that topic. 4. Social Networking sitesSocial media sites are one of the major sources to get free backlinks on your blog. There are many social media sites are available on the Internet. Such as the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc which can be easily used to promote your contents as well as generate free backlinks. 5. Search Engines Search engines are the major source for getting backlinks. Popular search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo, Baidu, etc can be simply used to generate backlinks by submitting your blog to different Webmaster tools. You may also need to submit a sitemap of your blog to different Webmaster tools. In this way, search engine bots will crawl and index all of your blog posts and you will gain a free backlink. 6. Blog Submission Directories Blog submission directories are specially made for bloggers to submit your blog in a variety of niche. In order to submit your blog in blog directories, you need to make a list of high authority and free blog submission websites and then submit your blog to those directories one by one and soon enough within free months, you will see a few backlinks are linked with your blog.

For your ease, you can this content for blog popular blog submission sites:

7. Comment on Other Niche related Blogs If you ask experts, they will surely mention about blog commenting is the best and super fast way to generate the bulk of backlinks, engage with other bloggers and gain trust. Being a blogger, you must perform the blog commenting method right away after creating your new blog. This method can easily help your blog to get free do-follow and no-follow backlinks for free. For example, you can start the blog commenting method from WordPress blogs as because some of their blogs contains WP comment plugin where you can drop the URL of your website while submitting your comment. As a beginning you can start with some popular websites like JohnChow, ShoutMeLoud and other Comment Luv enabled blogs to get your first backlink via blog commenting method. 8. Infographics Infographics have always been in demand for bloggers as they represent an effective way to pass information to users. But, creating an infographic is not that much difficult as it seems, in fact, it becomes easier using infographic creator online tools like Canva, which can be used to produce stunning infographics for free. After publishing the infographics, embed it in the most relevant content of your blog and do not forget to share the image on popular image sharing site Pinterest. For example, let’s say Sam produced a quality infographic and pinned it in one of his Pinterest boards. Now, Adam found his infographics and decided to embed it in his website and he provided a credit link to Sam’s site and that’s how Sam got a free backlink from Adam for publishing the quality infographics. In this way, you can generate tons of free quality backlinks to your blog. 8. Produce Useful Videos

If you are a YouTuber or expert at producing useful videos by yourself, then you can easily start building backlinks from your creative videos.

All you need to do is create an engaging video and upload it on the YouTube. Now, while uploading the video, write a brief description of it and at last add the link to your blog or website. You can also embed your uploaded videos in your blog post to increase the popularity and authority of your YouTube videos.

In this way, you can produce tons of quality backlinks from higher authority sites.

9. Popular Bookmarking Websites
Popular bookmarking websites are best and often used by many bloggers to generate quality backlinks and gain traffic to your site.

There are tons of websites are out on the Internet such as StumbleUpon, Dribbble, Pocket, Digg, Reddit, etc where you need to sign up manually, complete your profile and finally insert the link to your blog or website and let them do verification and all.

As soon as you stand for approval, you will get listed on their respective websites and gain a backlink and referral traffic for free.

10. Ping or Email approach
Ping method is the toughest way to produce quality backlinks, this method is none like other methods and the chances of getting backlinks is very less.

In order to implement this approach, you need to make a proper research on your website competitors, select a few high authority sites related to your niche and collect all of their Email addresses.

Now, send an email to all of them requesting for exchanging backlinks or any other proposal regarding backlinks. Now, if some of them reply you back then you will surely get the lin back from his site. But, if they don’t reply you back within 2 or 3 days then you probably missed a shot.

So, it is up to you how you can convince your competitors. Here is the complete guide created by Semrush blog to gain backlinks using a simple email.

11. Host a Blog Template
If you are up to getting bulk of backlinks with just a little investment, then hosting a blog template is the best option you have got.

In order to host a template, you may need to contact web designers or template creators and offer them your sponsorship.

Now, if they agree with your terms and conditions then they will surely do business with you and that is how you will earn thousands of backlinks with just a little investment.

Most engaging contents are linkable and often linked back in other blog posts.

So, always focus on creating quality, informative and most engaging contents for your readers so that it can benefit them and other bloggers may link back your content in their own blog posts for explaining the core of the content.

What are Backlinks and Why are they Important?

What are Backlinks and Why are they Important?

There is no doubt that the backlinks are one of the best off-page SEO techniques to increase the ranking of a blog or website on search engine results pages.

backlinks importance seo

Backlinks from higher authority can boost your site on search engines and even rank you higher. But, creating a backlink is not an easy task.

Today in this article, we will point out what are backlinks, types of backlinks and the benefits of building backlinks on your blog or website. So, let’s get started.

What are backlinks?

Generally, backlinks are those external links or URL’s which are linked with your site. For example, let’s say, you published a quality piece of contents about blogging tips and now that my niche is also related to blogging stuff, so there are chances that I might mention your content in one of my blog posts.

So, in this way, your blog somehow linked with my blog and that’s how you received a backlink from my blog.

What are the different types of backlinks?

Normally, backlinks are classified into two categories, which are Do-follow and No-follow backlinks.

Do-follow backlink passes link juice, which is good for search engine optimization. Generally, these links are considered as SEO backlinks and they actually determine how a site is going to rank well in the search engine results page.

So, always focus o getting backlinks from higher domain authority and pages authority sites and remember, backlinks can hurt your SEO and even decrease your rankings in search results. So, always keep an eye on your backlinks and remove the bad links instantly.

In order to check the current backlink on your site, you can log in to your Google Webmaster Tools > Search Traffic > Links to Your Site > these all are backlinks which are linked to your site.

google search console
Present backlinks on my blog

In order to remove bad links, you can use the disavow tool, from Google Search Console.

These backlinks are totally different from Do-follow ones. No-follow backlink does not pass link juice and they do not help your blog to rank higher in search results. But still, it’s good to have some no-follow backlinks on your site.

What are the benefits of having backlinks on a website or blog?

Here are some of the major benefits of having quality backlinks.

1. Rank higher
Having quality backlinks on your site can rank you higher on search engine result pages. In simple, search algorithm always rank high authority sites in the top of search results. Similarly, Google and other search engines also give more importance to the higher authority sites than lower ones.

2. Increase the Domain & Page Authority
Building quality backlinks can simply grow the domain authority and page authority of your blog. It is proven, that having a large volume of backlinks can increase your ranking and your Alexa rank also.

3. Increase Engagement
At the time of generating backlinks, you need to meet up with new bloggers, know each other and collaborate with each other’s blog to generate backlinks. That’s how you are going to make new blogger friends from all over the Globe and increase engagement.

4. Grow your Traffic
As I said, more backlink means an increase in ranking and ultimately growth in traffic. In short, the more your rank higher, the more audiences you will get into your blog. Thus, always remember that more traffic means more income and more responsibility. So, you need to make your blog user-friendly so that new visitors keep visiting your site for useful information.

5. Increase SEO
Backlinks are best off page Search Engine Optimization techniques that will increase overall SEO of your blog. After generating quality backlinks, just wait for one or two months and soon you will notice a growth in the SEO report for your blog.

Now that you have learned enough about backlinks, its time to implement those techniques on your blog so that you can produce an authority blog to become a successful blogger.

In my next content, I going to show you how you can generate backlinks for your site, till then stick around and keep reading more useful contents.

How to Get More Traffic to your New Blog

How to Get More Traffic to your New Blog

Getting traffic on your new blog is not an easy task. Especially, when you are new to blogging and have no idea, how to increase visitors to your blog.

get free traffic blog website

Long ago, I have been through the same situation. But now have the full list of ways that can help you get more visitors on your blog.

Just follow my lead and soon enough you will notice a huge difference.

+10 Best Ways to Get More Traffic on your New Blog

Here is the list of 11 legit ways to boost your new blog traffic.

1. Google Search
Google search engine is the major source of getting traffic on your blog. In order to get the visitor from Google, you need to sign up Google Webmaster tools (Search Console) and submit a sitemap of your blog.

In this way, Google search bots will detect your site on their servers and start crawling and indexing all of your blog posts one by one and soon you will start appearing on Google search results.

2. Bing & Yahoo
Bing and Yahoo search engine is the second largest source of getting traffic that comes after Google.

Both of them are separated search engines, but their webmaster tool is one. That means if you sign up on Bing Webmaster tools, then your blog will also gain traffic from Yahoo search engine and that’s how it works. Here is the complete guide for getting started with Bing and Yahoo search engine.

3. Other Search Engines
There are other search engines out on the Internet, not popular as major search engines but still, they are good sources for getting free traffic. Some of those search engines are, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc.

You can simply sign on their webmaster tools, submit a sitemap and start getting traffic from all over the globe.

4. Google Image Search
Google image search is another biggest source to get traffic o your blog via image search results. In order to gain traffic from Image search, you need to insert (ALT) alternative title and text properly in all of your blog post images.

In this way, you will start appearing in the image search results. If you are using blogger, then follow this guide:

If you are using WordPress, you can install plugins to automatically detect and add alt title and text in all of your WP images.

5. Social Media
Social media sites are one of the best platforms to promote your blog posts and gain a huge amount of referral traffic. Social networking is totally free to use, you can also reach more targeted visitors on Social Media using paid promotion or paid ads.

Although, there are hundreds of social networking sites are out there and the best ones that every blogger must use are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram. These sites are the major ones and even some of them allow to create your brand pages, groups, communities and company pages.

6. YouTube traffic
If you are expert at producing videos or if you are already a video uploader at YouTube, then it is another one of the best sources to get traffic on your site via videos.

For example, you can insert your blog post links or URL’s in the description area of your uploaded videos so that your video viewers can also read through your blog posts for a better understanding of the concept.

You can also embed your uploaded YouTube videos inside your blog posts and get some extra views on your videos.

7. Increase Backlinks
Backlinks are one of the best offsite SEO techniques to rank higher on search engine result pages and gain more traffic.

Generally, backlinks are those links which are linked back to your site. There are only two types of backlinks are available, the first one is do-follow and the other one is no-follow. The do-follow link passes link juice that helps a site to rank higher on search engine result pages.

8. Fix SEO Related Problems
SEO errors can outcome less ranking in search engine result pages, means no traffic. If your blog’s SEO is not good enough then your blog is never going to appear on the top pages of search results.

So, fixing the SEO related issue and error is very essential for every blog and websites. In order to monitor all of your SEO errors, you can log in, to Google Webmaster tools, analyze your site performance and fix all the search engine optimization error on your blog.

9. Participate in Quora
Quora is fastest and probably the best way to generate free backlinks and increase traffic on your site. Participating in the questions and answers on Quora and other similar platforms may provide you more traffic, free backlinks, online reputation and increases the trust of your blog.

All you need to do is sign up on Quora, complete your profile and add your site. Now, answer other members questions and that’s it. For example, lets say a member on Quora posted a question about blogging tips, now being a pro blogger I know the answer already so I will instantly log in to my Quora account, and answering the question I will link out one of my relevant blog post for easy understanding and that is how I can generate backlinks on Quora for my site.

10. Submit your Blog to Blogging Directories and Communities
Submitting your site on popular blogging directories and communities is the easiest way to increase traffic on your blog. All you need to do is find some high domain authority and page authority sites, sign up and submit your site.

Here are some of the blogging directories and communities that I recommend. Blogging Directories:


Blogging Communities:

  • – Only for Indian Bloggers

11. Write Guest Post on other related Blogs
Did you know? You can easily increase referral traffic, backlinks, and trust of your site by writing guest posts on other similar niche blogs. But before you get into guest blogging, you need to make a proper research on domain authority, page authority and Alexa rank of the website and always target for the highest ones.

In simple, if your DA is 8 and PA is 11, then you must select highest authority sites than yours.

In order to find guest posting sites, you can take help from social media sites like Facebook, to find best guest posting websites, or you can simply search on Google like, “your niche guest post” or “your niche popular guest blogging websites”. Once you find those sites, follow their guidelines to submit your content and make sure that you get a free do-follow backlink per content you publish for them.

These are the 11 best possible ways to generate more traffic on your site. Just perform the above-mentioned methods step by step and soon you will notice huge changes in your Google analytics report.