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Welcome to Proud Zones Blog. I am Raj Paul, a professional passionate blogger from Assam, India. I am a student, a passionate blogger, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a writer, an editor & also I'm the author of ProudZones.com I started this blog on 4th January 2017.  

I think you might have many basic questions in your mind, like:
Who am I? 
What is my qualification? 
Where am I from? 
What do I like? Since when I started blogging? etc, Isn't it?

So, first let's get started with my introduction...
Raj Paul
Who am I? 
Well, My name Raj Paul and I'm a Student at Pranab Jubilee College. 

Where am I from?
I am from a small town named Bokajan. This place comes under Karbi-Anglong district, Assam (North-east). Our neighborhood State's are Nagaland, Arunachal, Mizoram, and Manipur.

What is my qualification? 
I am studying B.com at Pranab Jubilee College. now I am at 6th Semester and planning to study MBA in near future. I have done Diploma in computer application, I've completed DCA Course, PGDCA Course, etc.

Since when I started blogging?
I started blogging in October 2015. When I started blogging I was a newbie so, I would not have known much about blogging. 

I have done a lot of mistakes in my blogging career but each mistake I did, taught me a great lesson. I believe, everyone does mistakes but they should always learn something new from their mistakes

What do I like? 
Ummm, I like watching movies, playing games on PC and smartphones, visiting new places, learning new things on the web, taking advice from others, cooking, reading books, doing research on the internet, etc.

Who is my inspiration? 
To be honest, I'm a self-taught blogger. My real inspiration is Google and YouTube. From Google, I've learned everything that I ever learned in my career. You can also learn anything from Google for free.

What is my occupation & goals?
I am basically a Student, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a blogger and a good writerMy main goal is to fulfill all readers need and wants So, it's my first priority. 

What is my best suggestion for all readers?
Never lose your hope, think bigger and try harder then no one can stop you reaching your goal..!

What will you get in proud Zones Blog?
Here at ProudZones.com, I write about various topics related to blogging niche..! I mostly write about below-listed categories:

1. Starting a New Blog or Website

2. Blogging Tips and Advice

3. Blogger Tutorials

4. Wordpress Blogging

5. Blogger Design

6. Social Media Marketing

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

8. Email Marketing

9. Video Marketing

10. Ways to Make Money Online

11. Earn Free Recharge

12. Other Related Stuff

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With ProudZones.com, I will provide the most relevant accurate tips, guide, tutorials, and more! Proud Zones blog is created to help you to solve all of your problems related to above topics, all while enjoying the great blogging journey...!

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